Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No finish for March :o(

Ok, what's wrong with this picture??? If you said there's a border missing - then you'd be right.
What about this piccy, what's wrong here?? If you said that these pretty little hexies aren't stitched together ... you'd be right too.
That's Ross and Alicia's quilt at the top, and I really wanted to be able to post it on my sidebar as my March finish. Alas, I've been messing around with other projects (like the hexies above), got totally off track, and as a result ... I have NO finishes for March!!!
I'm hanging my head ................................ [[[sigh]]]
Next month that quilt will be on my OPAM list :o)!!!!


Robyn said...

Ah yes but you've got progress and they're gorgeous!!!
You go girl!!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Joy! No, no, no!!! No hanging of heads!! Lets face it, you had two weddings this month, plus birthdays ... you're excused!! We'll just look forward to seeing what you create next month! Bear Hugs! KRIS

clare said...

Quick theres still a few hours go girl go ! LOL. Nah, relax theres always next month .
clares craftroom

Milah said...

O.K. I'm scratching my head here, don't tell me I'm the only one who doesn't known what OPAM stands for. Will ya give me a clue?

Dawn said...

But you did dream and play with fabric and that counts as progress! There's always April...Lol
Have a wonderful week.
Dawn x

Sherri said...

Well no finishes...but some lovely work there...I especially love those hexagons!

wonderwoman said...

Oh Joy, i have sooo many unfos that i would never be able to lift my head again!!! you make such loveliness a little getting behind is nothing!



Anonymous said...

This would be me EVERY month. I just couldn't stress myself. I do like what you have made so far. What we called blog-finished. Finished enough for blogging?

Julia said...

Ah, but at least your doing something!
Two weddings, a trip to Sydney...that alone is something for a month..
Julia ♥

Bec said...

Ross adn Alicia's quilt looks gorgeous! Love the colours!
Bec xxx