Saturday, April 25, 2009

Should I knock on wood???

Well I whinged about my "Murphy" day ... then everything seemed to go so right. Now I'm not sure whether I should just be happy that things are still going remarkably well ... or... and here's the cynical side of me showing through ...... should I be preparing myself to come back down to earth with an almight BUMP he he he????

Nope ... I'm going to enjoy it all while the going's good :o) - But I'm knocking on a LOT of wood LOL.

I couldn't believe my luck when I won one of Kris's gorgeous patterns in her latest giveaway of Wonderful Weekend Kits!!! And the one I received couldn't be more perfect for me ......... Lavender Tea - isn't it just so pretty!!?! Oh how I love lavender ....And isn't it just like Kris to add a little extra something ... not just the pattern but a cute little bookmark and a gift card too!! Thanks so much Kris, I love it :o)!!!!

Also in the mail last week were my Aviary fabrics that I was waiting on so that I can make another "Diamonds and Braids" sample. I already had the jelly roll but was waiting on the charm squares and yardage. Aren't they delicious!!!!!?? The original is done in warm country colours and this one I think will have a completely different look. Here it is so far ... I think it reminds me of raspberries and cream!!!

Another example of things going so well ... my points came out 'pointy', and ....... (you're not going to believe this ...) my bobbin thread ran out at the END of the seam!!!

!!!Yes it did!!!

I know, I just couldn't believe it either, there was even a little tail!!! Now there just had to be a stitching Angel watching over me that day :o)!!!
Here's another little project I made last week .... I've been SUCH a busy stitcher LOL. It's a little zippy pouch and I used a stitchery I got from the lovely Cath at Willow Valley Store, thanks Cath :o). She's having a giveaway at the moment too so check out her blog!!
My Hexy tabletopper is all basted and ready to be hand quilted ... this is my practice piece to teach myself how to do it, before I tackle the big Queen size one (that's not even finished yet LOL).
I've been doing a bit in the evenings and I've done a lot of unpicking while trying out different needles and thimbles etc. I've tried it with and without a hoop and although on this small item I'm finding it easier to do without the hoop - I can't imagine it would be too easy to do that way on a larger quilt. I might have to invest in a hoop that stands on the floor. We'll see.
It's Anzac day today, a day of remembrance for us all. Please check out Julie's blog for a really lovely poem - it's sure to touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye.
Lest we forget.


Milah said...

Lucky you to have your very own stitching Angel!

I like the colors of your hexi table topper. Nice.

Lurline said...

Nuh, Silly Girl, there are no bumps on the horizon! What a productive week - love your Redwork, but that's just because I am about to embark on my first piece of Redwork, you see!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julie said...

my oh my, haven't you been a busy girl. loving all your work! can i suggest you stop knocking on all that dang wood? you may just jinx yourself...LOL
julie :)

Sherri said...

I love your Aviary quilt...and yes, the stitching angels were watching over you for the bobbin to run out at the end!!! I also love those hexagons!

Maree said...

Love your Aviary Quilt...that fabric is just Your Hexagon Table Runner is looking Fab...haven't got My Hexie's together as yet...but am itching too...
Great Posts...

Laila said...

Hei. You must have been soo busy, no wonder the stitchery anger are watcing you ;-)
Have a great weekend.

wonderwoman said...

my goodness i feel quite exhausted just reading about your week!!! i love your fabrics the colours are gorgeous, and your stitchery is just beautiful.


Kitty said...

Your bobbin ran out at the END of a seam? Goodness gracious me. That's the equivalent of a golfing hole in one - amazing!

Congratulations on your win, and I agree that that moda fabric is delicious. The table topper is looking so fresh and pretty.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joy, so you are a lavender girl as well...two of my friends are as have been very your hexi table topper....Regards Lyn