Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beenleigh Show (and tell) ;o)

Finally yesterday I got to meet Julie after emailing each other for about 2 years, and even though we only live about 1 hour apart we'd never got together before!! I knew we'd get along ... and we did, sooo well :o)!! We had a lovely time at the show!! Lots of gorgeous quilts ... sorry, not one pic of any of them!! Julie got a piccy of one beautiful quilt, but my piccies are of the goodies that were for sale. He he he, now who's that on the far left hmmm????? LOLOL
Hello Julie LOL!!!
This was the R&R timbergoods stall, I love their stuff!!

And do you remember the gorgeous shelf I got not so long ago for my rulers?? Well I found them at Beenleigh too!! I got talking to the lovely lady on this stall and found out it's her husband that made it. Not only that, but she's one of the very talented ladies behind "Angels in Disguise", and she was the very clever thing that drew the gorgeous Angels in my Rebel quilt - that I STILL haven't finished eeeek ;o)!!
Hi Cath :o)!!!!Sorry, the pics I've taken are a bit "Where's Wally", but I think you can see her hiding in amongst all the gorgeous goodies. I'm trying to make up my mind whether I want to join her Raggy Annies Club or her Teddies club ... go and visit Cath on her blog, I know you'll love it - there are some gorgeous free stitcheries there too :o).
Margaret from one of my very favourite Patchwork shops was there too ... Bayside Stitchcraft ... I took a piccy of her gorgeous stand too ... that's Margaret smiling, at the back on the right. I'll be visiting her shop at Cleveland tomorrow after my quilting group for sure :o). I'm so lucky the store is so close to where I live!!! I can't wait to take Julie there too, she's just going to love it :o).AND ... do you love my beautiful scarf???? Julie bought this for me ... we both have one the same :o). I just love it!!! Thank you dear Julie, you're such a sweety!! The little rosette was a gift as we entered the quilt show, what a nice idea that was.Here's another way to wear it .... he he, I'm now a scarf model lol.

I love scarves :o).
I'm so looking forward to meeting up with Julie again, we had such a lovely time .... I'm sure it won't be so long til our next get together.
Oh, and Peg, I didn't forget about the tilda stitchery, I'll post a piccy for you on my next post, promise ;o)!!!


Maree said...

Nice to see you Both Enjoying the Show....

wonderwoman said...

looks like a great day out, and i love your scarf, a girl can never have too many!!!!


Julie said...

thanks for your wonderful company joy, i thoroughly enjoyed myself and yes, we will get together again very soon!
julie x

Jeni said...

Glad you enjoyed the show as much as I did

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds like you had a great time and to catch up with Julie must have been the icing on the the scarf, very nice....look forward to seeing your Tilda...will go and check out the other blogs..

Khris said...

How lucky for you both the meet..I am soooo jealous...and to get to the quilt show on top of it...and to meet my friend Cath on top of that too....hugs Khris