Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bye Bye Winter!!!

Today is the 31st August …. the last day of Winter YAY!!!!!!

Tomorrow is 1st September … the first day of Spring YAY!!!!!!!

I’m *so* over Winter!!!

I thought I’d better hurry up and post a few piccies for my last OPAM finishes for August. I made these two cute little camera pouches – one for me (the brown one) and one for Bear (DD2).August 2010 171We bought DD2 a camera for Christmas and because we are going away on our big trip soon we decided to give it to her now rather than wait, so that she can take lots of lovely pics while we’re on hols … so of course she had to have a little case for it. Judith … I hope that counts as an Early Bird Chrissy pressie … even though it’s been received already lol.

I’ve also been dabbling in a bit of crocheting …August 2010 168 I like to have something to do in the evenings, I can’t sit and watch the tele without something to stitch or crochet. August 2010 170 I’ve got another of these in the making too, they’re fun to do :o).

And the last thing I made was this …August 2010 138 This is a banner for my stand at the local quilt show in a week or so … I just printed my website logo onto some fabric and then put a pastel-y floral frame around it ……… I think it looks pretty :o).

I’d better be off … the kids are coming over for a roast so I’d better get back in my kitchen lol.

See you in Spring :o)!!!!!!!


Chris H said...

Cute as camera pouches.. I love the brown one! Can you tell our skies it's spring already? Cos they still acting like it's winter. *sniff*

Jessica said...

I love spring too!
Where is your local quilt show?I'm going to go to the Maleny show in a few weeks.

mandapanda said...

Love the pouches Joy!! All winter long it's felt like spring here because of the warmer climate, and all the blooming flowers everywhere! lol
I really like your banner, you are going to do jujst fantastically at your quilt show stand!! When are you starting your big trip?

teresa said...

Lovely camera cases Joy... how long till you go now? Your banner looks brilliant. Also I absolutely LOVE the cushion you made for Amanda. Really was a special thing for you to do. You are so thoughtful. xx

Anita said...

You have your spring and we have to say goodbye to the summer. Luckely I like autumn. I love your camera pouches.

Wendy B said...

Is Tom Cruise coming too??.....for the roast???? hehehe Love your banner, it is just as gawjus as you!!! I'm sure it will draw attention and have everyone flocking....it is VERY pretty, I agree! I wish we had a bit of winter here....been quite warm, we miss the different seasons.... usually just hot summer and warm summer, very little in between! oh, BTW, can I come with Tom Cruise?? I do love a good roast!

sugary hugs sweetness!
XXX Wendy :O)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Joy-Belle! Oh ... I am SO with you ... bye bye to winter ... hellooooooooo spring warmth!! Note my optimism that turning a page on the calender will make it warm straight away! :0) Love your banner - very pretty and very "Joy-Belle"! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

Needled Mom said...

Welcome spring!!!! Wish we were heading there instead of fall.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Fun to get caught up with you Joy. Loved reading your posts I'd missed.

Allie said...

Well happy spring! You know, I always used to buy myself a bouquet of tulips on the first day of spring - it was quite the ritual for me. Even if it still looked like winter outside, I had spring in my kitchen.

Love your camera pouches, and your crocheting, I love to crochet too - I'm the same way, just can't sit there and watch tv. Have to be doing something!
Your banner is just gorgeous, what a clever girl you are!

wonderwoman said...

your camera pouches are lovely and i'm sure will be used a lot!! Not long now! Its been beautiful today, but its getting chilly in the evenings - autumn is nearly here!


Sheila said...

You are such a talented lady Joy, love the little camera cases , hmmm I should make one of those ;-)You banner is just sweet ,it will look great at the show.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Spring Joy! Love your new booth sign!