Friday, October 1, 2010

Not a Patchwork shop to be seen!!!

Well we’ve just spent the past week in the South of France….. oh what a beautiful part of the world it is!!! We’ve been truly blessed with the most wonderful weather – although I think that will change once we get back to London, I hear it’s a bit dismal over there at the moment.

Went to Monte Carlo yesterday, I’ve never seen so many red Ferarris all in one place lol, seemed every time I turned around there was another one. Wow!!!! Here’s one outside the Casino in Monaco … it was surrounded by lots of equally flash cars I can assure you ……Week 2 028 Tahlia and Luke went into the Casino for a flutter so we walked around and explored …Week 2 042 Darryl asked me what I wanted for my 50th birthday – which isn’t too far away – and I showed him this in the Cartier window …Week 2 039 Somehow I don’t think I’m gonna be finding that wrapped up for me he he he …. all diamonds and rubies – isn’t it incredible!!??!! It was great fun looking in all the famous designer’s store windows :o)!!

Haven’t found one patchwork shop yet … hoping to when we start our trip up to Cumbria next week. We’re travelling from Surrey – to Bath (seeyasoon Maria & Trash!!!!!!) – then North to the Lake district, so if anyone has any favourite stores in those areas I’d LOVE to hear where they are :o)!!!

Still hit and miss with the innernets so I’m finding it really hard to reply to comments … but THANK YOU  to everyone who’s left a comment, I LOVE to read what you have to say :o)!!! I’ll post again soon if I can … til then ……..


Penny said...

Looks like you are having loads of fun fun fun! Pics please when you manage to find a patchwork shop!

Maria said...

Sometimes you just don't need the patchwork shops. seems you are having a wonderful seeing all the sights.
OH wouldn't it be lovely to find that adorable necklace in your birthday parcel.
Enjoy your travels.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh sweetie - I love that photo of you and Darryl! And those cars... straight out of a James Bond movie - how the other half live eh?!!!

Cumbria is my most favourite place in England! I have climbed a couple of mountains there... Hellvellen and Scafell Pike! Just beautiful! Lake Windermere is gorgeous, and Ullswater is another fave. I wasn't into patchwork when I lived in England - but I'll doa little search on the innernets for you and email you if I find any patchwork shops listed!!

Have fun sweetie!!! Hugs in abundance!! Theresa xxxxxxx

wonderwoman said...

you lucky girl, what a fantastic place to visit!!! There is a lovely patchwork shop in Bath but its not open on a Sunday!!! see you soon (have sent an email)


Sheila said...

There is a fabulous shop in Irton, Holmrook, Lake District (which is one of my favourite places in the UK) called Fobbles.
You should ring to find out when they are open. Lynette Anderson recently did a worksop there.

trash said...

Not open on Sunday? You never told me that Maria. THAT'S IT! I'm staying at home!!!!!!!!!

(Or not. Looking forward to SUnday.)

Allie said...

Well you jet-setter you, it looks like you're having WAY too much fun - tell hubby you want a red Ferrari, lol! Enjoy!

Julia said...

No patchwork shops!!
looks like your having a great time anyway.. Now that necklace would be the perfect 50th present!
Julia ♥

Bev C said...


I can only DREAM. Thanks for sharing your journey,now matching the jewellery with the car that would make a great 50th present.
Have fun.

Vicki ♥ said...

Didnt they know you would be visiting Joy?? No Patchwork shops?? gosh...what is this world coming to? hehehehe Lovely lot of lovelies thats for sure :) looks like you are seeing lots and dreaming lots too :) hugssss Vicki xoxoxxo

mandapanda said...

Oh wow Joy!! It looks like my Dad's garage, but swap Ferarri with holden! lol
I love that necklace!!! So gorgeous!!
I hope you continue to have the best most fabulous time!!!
BIG hugs!
Amanda. xx

teresa said...

Wow, awesome photos Joy. Love the red ferrari and the diamond and ruby necklace.. Well we can dream can't we? So glad you are having a wonderful time. ENJOY!!!! xx

Chris H said...

Oh that jewellery is to die for! Though I love sapphires and diamonds the best!
Great to see you are still having fun.
No patchwork shops is a bummer!