Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy 82nd Birthday FIL :o) !!

We had a lovely day, despite the weather being a bit dreary, and I'm so pleased to tell you ... we gave FIL his quilt and he loved it :o)!!This is him with my MIL ;o) ... happy smiling faces!! We also managed to get a pic of most of the family ... unfortunately DD2 was at work so she's not in it, and my BIL is taking the photo - so of course he's not in it either !!left to right we have DH's sister Deb, MIL Rowena, Me, neice Kate, FIL Keith, nephew Matthew, DH Darryl and neice Nicole. Looking at that pic I'm thinking it would have been more even if I'd swapped places with Deb ... I look so short!! Hang on ... I AM short LOLOL ..... AND I have heels on!!!!

We decided we simply don't all get together often enough so we're going to remedy that ... all of us are having dinner very soon at the local club, looking forward to it :o).

FIL wasn't the only one to be getting pressies today. Look what my lovely DH bought for me!!!
Isn't it fabulous ... and that cleaning head has a motor too, oooh I just can't wait to use it :o)!!! (Ok, if you didn't notice that the last sentence was simply DRIPPING with sarcasm ... then I'm just saying it wrong ......... Gee thanks Hon!!!)

Must Dash .... I have some cleaning to do, apparently ............... ;o)


Milah said...

Your hubby bought himself a motorcycle and he bought you that! poor girl! LOL!

You have a nice looking family. Is it okay to start calling you shorty? LOL!

clare's craftroom said...

Joy , Joy , Joy how did you have time to blog you really should have been cleaning woman!LOL !

deb said...

oh Im so jealous of your new vacumn...clean away!!!!

Julia said...

The family look lovely and happy..
dear FIL looks very proud of his new quilt...
enjoy the new you know what that'll have to use's nice to have a new vac!

Sherri said...

I received a vacuum for a Christmas present about 20 years hasn't happened again!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos and I'd be the same as you in the height department.
I'm 5' & future hubby is 6'6" now that is the short & tall of it.
I love love love your pressie and I want a new vacuum too. I think I'd use it if it was new ????