Sunday, August 16, 2009

I've been a bad blogger!!!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last did a post!!! I've been reading and enjoying everyone elses blogs but haven't managed to do a post on mine until now!! This will be a bit of a disjointed post jumping from one subject to another but I would really like to share these pics with you :o).

I have been busy stitching .... I've almost finished another of my "Slice 'n' Dice" quilts - this time in sweet Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit fabrics - so cute. I just have the side borders to put on then I can bind it :o) - I'll show you more when it's finished.
After reading Lurline's post with a pic of her gorgeous camelias I decided I should cut some of mine and bring them inside to enjoy too :o) ........... I think they're gorgeous. I can't remember the name of this one so please don't ask me, all I know is it's a double ;o). It's like a rose it's so beautiful!

We all went out for dinner last Thursday night for darling DILs birthday. The pub we went to very kindly brought out a cheesecake for her (on the house!!) and this is the knife they gave her to cut it ............!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!???????? (Can you see my DS reflection in the knife??!!) For the life of me I can't imagine why they thought we'd need a knife THAT big to slice a little old cheesecake!!

Here's a happy snap of Ross and Alicia taken on her birthday - (do you know they've been married for 6 months already!??!!) ..............
And here's what they looked like when they went to a fancy dress party last Saturday night. Ross (DS) was mild mannered Clark Kent and Alicia (DDIL) was Rainbow Bright (do you remember that cartoon from the 80's???) ........ don't they look fabulous lol - even Skye (aka Poops) got into the piccy :o)!!!!

We went for a drive out to Beechmont this morning - it was such a beautiful day and a gorgeous drive through the bush and past lots of lovely farms to get there.
We stopped at the Beechmont markets on the way to our friend's housewarming and bought these yummy treats ...........
Strawberry Jam cookies, Banana muffins and an apple and blackberry pie. We bought custard and cream on the way home so that will be our delicious dessert :o).
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


Robyn *Ü* said...

I believe those are Peonies. At least that's what they look like from the picture. Beautiful. Love the costumes too. Hilarious.

Tozz said...

Your Camelias are beautiful and it looks like much fun was had at the dinner. My daughter absolutely loved Rainbow Bright when she was a kid..she would relate to the costume very much. :) Thanks for sharing great photos Joy. Hugs hugs Vicki

Terry said...

Holy cow! That's one huge knife! LOL Love the camellias! They look beautiful! :0)

Julia said...

"This is a knife" Paul Hogan said in the movie..C/ Dundee
Love the costumes too....looks like great fun was had by all.
Julia ♥

Julie said...

looks like it was a lovely weekend for you joy.
gosh, that knife looks like it belongs in a horror movie!
julie xox

wonderwoman said...

now thats what you call a knife - i was going to make the crocodile dundee comment but someone beat me to it!!!
Love the fancy dress costumes!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Wonderful colors in the quilt Joy! But better than that is the cheesecake, my favorite dessert. Could I please have a small piece? blessings, marlene

Bev C said...

Hello Joy, Did Hoges own the hotel you went to??? I remember Rainbow Bright,my girls had a doll. Oh you have bought back some memories. Happy days.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh yum, can I come over for dessert? It looks like you've been very, very busy!

Bec said...

I've been the opposite! posting a couple of blogs but not reading any until tonight! hehehehe it all takes balancing doesn't it.
I appreciate your visits very much.
Glad you all had a nice time out for DILs birthday. knife and all. *grin*