Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh no!! Not the dishwasher!!!

Things are in a bit of a mess in our JoyPatch!! DH decided to fix the dishwasher last Monday after work ... so now we're waiting for parts and we can't stand the dishwasher up or put it back in it's hole cos it's half full of water :o/. It's been like this for 5 days and it's probably gonna be like this for another 5 while we wait for the parts {{{sigh}}}}}.

We took DD2 (Bear) to the physio yesterday about her poor knee. Good news and not so great news ... the good news is that she doesn't have to use the crutches anymore (yay), which is actually fabulous cos she really wasn't very confident on them!!! The not so great news is she has to wear the brace for 6 weeks. No bending of the knee for 6 whole weeks!! The physio' said the time will fly by but I'm thinking a 16 year old is probably looking at it all a little differently ;o).

I got some declicious mail the other day ...... I couldn't resist a sale at Hancocks and my parcel is finally here .... YAY .......Here's what was inside ............ yummy pretty Moda Aviary goodness, with a little bit of Aster Manor on top ;o).Mmmmm, I think I'll just look at these for a while before I cut them up ... just too pretty :o).


Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Joy -- thanks for sharing. I hope your dishwasher gets better in a hurry!

Tozz said...

I am glad your darling daughter is not having to use the crutches any more and I do love your fabrics you got...mmmmmm Yummm! Love the stitchery sweet Joy...its gorgeous :) Thanks heaps for your gorgeous patterns. hugs Vicki

Hazel said...

The stitchery is beautiful but when I click on the link it says "the link is broken "

Margie said...

Was so excited with the stitchery but I to could not get to it. It said "Document Not Found" Can someone please find it, it seems to be lost? LOL

I want so bad to start on this, but have to many other things to finish first!! Am saving them for later!!

Carin said...

Glad your DD is off the crutches.

I also found the link to the darling stitchery broken :O(

paulette said...

It is lovely but I too couldn't open it- It said Document not found...must be something wrong- I will try later....Thanks for this wonderful stitchery!

Julia said...

Love the stitchery Joy...will try to download it later..
thank you so know i love redwork..
Julia ♥

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Joy, the stitchery is lovely, epecially Santa on his sleigh outside the window. I couldn't download it though as it sais "Document not found". What a bummer :)

Winona said...

Joy, sure hope your daughter gets well quickly. I too could not download your cute, cute pattern. It said 'Oops, a broken link has occurred'. I will check back again tomorrow, because I sure want to print this one out. Winona

Allie said...

Oh bummer, I hate it when an appliance isn't working. I'm spoiled that way, lol. Hope the parts come soon!
GREAT news about no crutches. I hate those things!
Love your yummy fabrics, Joy!

kiwicarole said...

That Moda Aviary fabric is just gorgeous! I have bought a couple of bits, may need to buy more!! lol The Christmas stitchery is very cute!
Carole :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh I know how this is. I am not sure, though, which is worse. Dishwasher or clothes washer. Both mess up the whole house.