Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How cute are these!!??

I went back to my lovely local patchwork store again today and look what I found!!!!!SSQ Chrissy party 2010 043 3 Gawjus matching little cases!! Well you just know I couldn’t resist them. Don’t they look pretty displayed like that :o)?? Look at the pretty lids - all different ……

The big one is now home for all my “Dear Jane” bits and pieces … that to my shame I haven’t touched in simply ages!!!SSQ Chrissy party 2010 047The book actually fits in there too, it’s just the right size :o).

My Quilting group had their Christmas party yesterday …. we had such a terrific time!! Secret Santa is always great fun, and this is what I received, this wonderful apron - “Never Trust a Skinny Cook” – love it :o) …December 2010 034 Sorry about the not so fabulous piccy, it’s hard to take a full length shot of one’s self lol.

This is what I made as my Secret Santa gift … December 2010 022a little sewing themed brooch, I also popped in some more fun goodies ;o).

With all the rain we’ve had lately it’s been great weather to hide out in my sewing ‘cave’, think I might do the same tomorrow :o).
Don’t forget you can still buy my new patterns – they’re listed on my sidebar but only until the weekend!!!


clare's craftroom said...

Enjoy your time in your cave Joy !

wonderwoman said...

Joy i love those little cases and your brooch is just beautiful!

Allie said...

Those cases are darling, what a great storage idea for your project - and your little brooch is just beautiful!!! Enjoy your sewing time, hon!

marina said...

Your cases are very pretty and so practical!
Lovely secret santa gifts too.

Mrs A. said...

What a super buy. Love the differnet tops on the cases.

Sew Useful Designs said...

They are INCREDIBLY cute, Joy!!! Your Dear Jane book & fabrics were meant for that little case! :-)

Thank you for the tip on cleaning your cutting mat - I would never have thought of that in a million years!

Lots of love sweetness!!!
Vikki xoxoxoxo :-)

Chris H said...

Awww those boxes are adorable... I love being in my 'sewing cave' too... even if it's the garage!

teresa said...

Love those boxes Joy... how did I miss them when I was in the shop last week????? Your apron is so cute and I love the brooch you made.. it's so beautiful.