Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bloggers are wonderful!!!

There’s no way that we Nutters could have ever imagined how generous our lovely blogging friends would be. When Jenny suggested that we try and do something to alleviate a little of the heartache caused by Queensland’s harsh weather earlier this year we all thought it was a fabulous idea to be able to help our fellow stitchers in some small way. And so New Beginnings was born. We have been absolutely inundated with sewing kits and all sorts of fabulous notions, all stitched and given with loving hands and hearts. Here’s part of what we received ……April 2011 003Inside these boxes are around 400 New Beginnings sewing kits – all given by YOU!!! The smaller box in the front is full of fabric, and this great big box…April 2011 001 is full of patterns and kits and notions and all sorts of wonderful pre-cuts … also donated by our kind blogging friends. And this is just what came to my home in Brisbane – Jen had much the same arriving at her house!!
THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough – your kindness and generosity will bless a lot of quilters who have seen some hard times lately. May God Bless you all :o)!!!!
These boxes will all be off to Kim Boland, the President of Queensland Quilters in the next week or so so that they can be distributed :o).
I’ll be back soon to show you what else I’ve been up to :o)!!


Rebecca said...

Wow Joy that is amazing and great to see, bloggers are wonderful, amazing, caring and generous with there time . It warm my heart to see this and I know they will be loved when they are given out well done xx
Hugs Bec

Penny said...

May God bless everyone :)

Chris H said...

What a wonderful idea that was!