Friday, April 29, 2011

Where did April go???

Is it me or does this year seem to be flying!!??? Goodness it’s almost May – the 5th month – I’m just not keeping up lol.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing so much lately I haven’t noticed the days disappearing before my very eyes he he.
I took my gawjus Mum and her friend Jill (who’s over for a year from the UK) up to Mt Tamborine – we were blessed with perfect weather that day :o)!!!! We found some fabulous little shops including this Fairy Shop – don’t you love the mushroom critters??!!
And this one had treasures inside and out ….
We also visited the local distillery – they have some delish liqueres, schnapps and vodka here – I must say, we have visited this place more than once he he.
I’ve also been doing some stitching … Bear (DD2) needed a little mat for under her laptop on her desk so I made this for her from a panel I was given for Christmas … isn’t it c-hoot (okay sorry – that was a shocker lol)!!!
and here’s a sneaky peek at something else I’ve made – mmm roses and lace and a pretty bow – love it :o)!!April 2011 142More of this one later though – I still need to write up the pattern (not my favourite part he he)!!
Here’s something that made me smile this week – Sharon W made this quilt from my “Dragonflight” quilt-as-you-go pattern recently and she very kindly sent me a pic of her beautiful quilt….Quilting 2010 001 Oh I just love it in pink – thanks so much Sharon for sharing, I really enjoy seeing what people make from my patterns :o)!!
Well I’m off to get some hand-stitching ready to do while I’m watching the Royal Wedding ……….. have a fabulous weekend!!


Dawn said...

oh have the sneak peek and I'mm with you sipping tea with our cucumber sandwiches and little cupcakes..oh and two little princess's watching too..
Hugs Dawn x x

Vicki ♥ said...

I too love the sneak peek Joy....If I remember right you bought that lovely lace and green trim at the Brissy shop when us girls were with you and I said...Ooohh Joy...What have you got there? Its going to looks superb and I cant wait to see it.
I am glad Dawn decided to include the cucumber sandwiches after me asking if she was going to lol. Gotta have the cucumber sandwiches...just wouldnt be English without them :) Hugs Vicki xxx

Graciela said...

HI Joy!!!!
how beautiful your sewing box
congratulations on your successful purchase
kisses for you♥♥

Terry said...

I can't believe it's almost May either! Where did April go? I just caught bits of the wedding but what I saw was lovely! And her dress was beautiful! :0)

Allie said...

I know Joy, time is just flying! Those little mushroom critters are awesome. The owls are so cute, what a great idea. Can't wait to see your reveal, your sneak peek is so pretty! The dragonfly quilt is gorgeous!

Rush'd Lady said...

That dragonfly quilt looks easy enough that I could do! :) Cute blog!

Lorraine said...

Joy - you have been busy - I agree that this year is just flying by....can't believe we are into May already. Lovely to see your sneak peek!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Awww, such a cute owl mat! Bear would have loved it! :-)
Love the sneek peek...always something loely to see on your blog, Ethel!

Chris H said...

CUTE wee owl rug!
And that sneak peek looks GAWJUS! LOL... I love how you spell it.

Khris said...

awww I so LOVE those owls....are you sure they aren't for me? lol
Hugs Khrisozympo

wonderwoman said...

Such a gawjus quilt, and am looking forward to seeing the sneaky peek!!!