Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another smile :o)

I know I've been a bit quiet in blogland - sorry 'bout that. I've had a worrying couple of days with a sick friend - but now that most of the worrying is behind us I'm back again :o). I did manage to get a bit of stitching in while waiting for news from the hospital ... you guessed it ... ANOTHER zipper-pouch - LOL - I've made 8 so far ........ yep, 8!!!!!! This one isn't for me though ;o). I did this cute Bronwyn Hayes stitchery a little while ago and this seemed just the right project for it.
Again I discovered this afternoon that even when I'm worrying and a little bit down ... there's always something to make me smile ... and this time, while DH and I were taking some time out and doing this ... (he's the speck just left of the middle LOL it took me ages fumbling around trying to get my camera out of my pocket!!)
we came across this little fella.

...isn't he cute!!!??!!

He clearly wasn't bothered by us being close by at all ... so I'd say he was pretty used to humans being around. I must admit though, I didn't like to get too close, I used the zoom on these pics ... but he was still only about 3 or 4m (10 - 12 feet) away. Here I am saying "He" when I haven't a clue whether it was Mr or Mrs (or Miss - or Ms!!!) Koala ... no matter - it was sooo special. It's not often you see these guys in the daytime so we were feeling very priveledged ... AND... as luck would have it ... I had my trusty camera with me!!! I don't usually tote it along when we're bike riding but for some reason today I grabbed it before we left. Hmmm, makes you think ;o).


Milah said...

That is so adorable! We have to go to the zoo to see a Koala here in the states. Lucky you! At first I thought it was a baby kangaroo. Do you get to see those?

We have deer, fox, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, coyote, snakes, skunks, opossuim. gophers, moles, ground hogs. But no cute little bears.

Jeanette said...

great zipper pouch Joy. You sure were lucky seeing the Koala up that close

Laila said...

Hi. Love the photo of the Koala. We don't have them in Norway. ;-)Your stitcery on the pouch aregreat.
Hope your friend are getting well soon. Hugs.