Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!


Did I scare you??????????????? LOL

He he ......... I know, that was just silly LOL

But I'm ready for them ... there will be no "tricks" for this little black duck!!! Only treats and smiling little cherubs as they hold their bags out for their little gifties :o). Of course, because I am prepared I can see it now, my lot are going to be scoffing choccies for ages cos the 'trick or treaters' won't come!!! Not me though, I'm going to be good - even during this choccy/lolly driven occasion - NO yummy sweet stuff will pass these lips! Gotta lose just a couple of kg before DS's wedding :o). (Oh give me strength!!!!!).

Onto the subject of stitcheries ... yahoo!!! 5 done and none to do!!! Woo hoo ... aren't they cute!??!
Next step is to make 134- 3/4" hexagons!!! 22 down, 112 to go LOL!!!! I'll be working on these for a while yet!!For the regular readers of my blog, you'll know that I have quite a penchant for hexagons ... I love to hand-sew and I'm really enjoying this project. I'll keep you posted :o).

My roses are looking better everyday!!! Princess de Monaco (my favourite) ...Peace...... and Double Delight - fabulous fragrance.

Have a great Halloween .... hope you don't get 'egged' ..... hehehehe


Joy :o)


Jeanette said...

HI Joy, who can resist choccy's? :) Love the roses. How funny that you are growing 3 of my favourite roses.

Milah said...

Oh boy! Quilting, Roses and Chocolate!! You are such an awesome blogger. Those are my three most favorite things!

wonderwoman said...

absolutely beautiful roses!! your stitcheries are looking lovely and i can't believe you are going to make all those hexagons - wow i feel exhausted just thinking about them!!
happy halloween!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You look well prepared for Halloween - hope you got lots of trick or treaters last night!! Love all your hexagons - I have been thinking about starting a hexagon project - looks like a great little portable project for when I am waiting for kids at their various activities!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hi your angels they are just so cute....great hexagons and beautiful roses...thanks so much for dropping by my blog...