Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Bees and our day in the Country

I noticed when I said goodbye to DH yesterday morning as he went back to work after 4 lovely weeks holiday [sigh] that there was a strange 'buzz' in the air. Our native lavender bushes were covered in dozens of bees - they had started work much earlier than either of us!!!
This one was a lucky shot ... I didn't realise he was there in the middle until I downloaded the piccies ...... he he ... the flight of the bumble bee!!! And the one below - his little thighs were so laden with pollen I was surprised he could fly at all ... they really are amazing little guys, fascinating to watch.The recent rain has really given the garden a lift, it was looking so dry and tired before. The roses are loving it too!!! DH pruned the ones in the background (on the right) quite harshly recently, I was worried that it was too much, but I should have had more faith in his green thumb because they are all coming back beautifully too. Now if I'd pruned them I reckon it would be a different story ... we'd be pulling out their poor little carcusses and starting over!! No prizes for guessing I'm not very good in the garden.This shot is a little overexposed ... but you get the picture ;o).

DH and I had a lovely day out in Laidley last week, even though it rained it was nice to be out of the rat-race and enjoy a more laid back day in the country. It's gorgeous out there, if it wasn't so far away I reckon I could live there ... but the kids, Mum, family are all nearby to where I live now and I like that :o). We saw this sign on a pub on our way ... I love this gorgeous old pub ... but it was the sign that caught my eye ... "Scrubbers B & S ..." LOL - (that's "bachelors and spinsters") - It was all happening last night so I bet there are some headaches this morning LOL!!!

Bought a few things on our travels - got some pumpkins at a roadside stall for just $1 each, what a bargain!!! Mmmm, pumpkin fruit cake, pumpkin scones, baked pumpkin, mmmmm. A delicious lemon slice at a cake stall at Forest Hill. And we found the perfect birthday pressie for MIL - if she doesn't like it I'll definitely give it a home LOL!!! Isn't he adorable!?!??!And a mirror that I've been after for a while ... needed to find one that matched our tallboy and as luck would have it we did!!! Doesn't it match up well!?!!I'm thinking I'm not going to get an awful lot of stitching done next week as it's the Craft and Quilt Fair and I've bought tickets to go for 2 days!! What fun!!! I like to shop on the one day and then do workshops on the other day. I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in a few hours here and there at the sewing machine though :o). I might find some fun gifts for my (far away) partner in the Polka Dots and Rick Rack swap!!!!


Milah said...

Well you changed your header again! Those little dolls are darling!

Love the mirror on the dresser. If I understand you paired them up?? Very good!

Vanessa said...

Hi Joy, I just love your blog - your stitcheries are gorgeous and you've made some beautiful purchases too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and - I think it was you - donating to Jeremy's bike ride! Vanessa