Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pressies, Painted stuff and Pretty Tassles :o).

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today from Janet at Wildcraft Farm. She's running a 'last minute' Christmas Swap for those of us that weren't doing one and reeeeally wanted to ...... and she's sent a pressie already!!! She's left the card blank - and I think that's in case I want to give it as a gift ..... he he - no chance - this one is staying with ME ;o)!!! Thanks so much Janet .... you're such a sweety!!!!! I'm pleased to report that my parcel for my swap partner will be in the mail on Friday - NOT TO BE OPENED TIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! he he

I was reading Kris' blog (at Tagalong Teddies) post here last week and admiring her beautiful painted roses. It reminded me of when I used to paint (several years ago now) although I hasten to add - my roses never even came close to as good as the ones on Kris' blog!!! I haven't picked up a brush in so long I'm not sure I'd remember what to do with it if I did LOL!!!!!! But I do remember that I used to enjoy it very much ..........This cute little possum is on our keyrack ... I did him (her????) in 1995 ..... I think most of these were painted around the same time...... Could you tell I like bears LOL!!?!!? ..... This one is looking a bit tatty, but I still use it cos I love the looks on their little faces. Do you love the little Harrods bear that my DD1 sent over from London for my birthday????? Bless :o).I bought these gorgeous tassles as kits yesterday and instead of stitching this morning I made them up. They are for Christmas presents ......... well, all except for the one on the left .... the kitty is MINE!!! ;o). The blue tassle is for my darling Mum, the white one with the purple scissors is for Jill and the red scissors and tassle is for my MIL. Hope they like them ...... they were fun to make ;o). Not sure I'm going to become a beader, but it's fun to do something different for a change.
That's all for now .......................
Take care,
Joy :o)


Anonymous said...

Hello Joy, I love the painted bears you did.That is one thing I am not proficient with painting.Love what you did with the little tassles. Regards Lyn

Julie said...

gosh joy....i wonder what else you & i have in common? i also used to do folk art and beading. also ceramics for a while. gotta say though that patchwork is where i'm happiest.


Jeanette said...

The painting all looks great Joy. Where did you get the kits for the scissors? Wouldn't mind the kitty one.:) Quilty hugs, Jeanette

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your tassels look like a fun beading project!! My Mum used to do folk art bears like yours - you don't see much folk art around anymore- it is surprising how different crafts seem to go in and out of fashion. Quilting always endures though..

Milah said...

My goodness, you have oodles of talent! Beading, painting, sewing and quilting...but what I want to know is, Can you sing? LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if you could!