Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I can't believe I did it!!!

I think everyone has a job they have to do every now and then that they really don't like to do, am I right?? Well mine is cleaning the oven (blechhhhh). Possibly the reason that I hate doing it so much is I tend to put it off until it's so darn manky I just HAVE to do it LOLOL. Well, this time I didn't do that!!! Nope, the job is done with barely a whimper :o)!!! I wish I could type a bigger smile there cos I'm REALLY glad it's done he he he. The best part is that I didn't put it off this time, I got to it WELL before it got to that "Oh Nooooo" stage. Look .......He he ..... all sparkly and clean :o)!!! Of course, it goes without saying that I shall NEVER bake, roast or even heat up anything in my nice clean oven again. Oh no, lol, don't want to have to do it again LOLOL. Now, apparently you're supposed to wear rubber gloves when you use that oven cleaner stuff ... I know this because I read it on the can. I possibly should have read that bit BEFORE I started the job though cos that stuff stings like the devil if you get it into even the tiniest of cuts (just a little hint in case you feel like doing your oven too) ..... OUCH .... I'm still sore!!!! I've made a mental note of that for next time he he!!!
On the stitchy front ..... a very successful day :o)!! I've just got the last border ready to go on my second Dragonflight quilt - one is on and the others are cut and quilted and ready to go, then sew on the binding ...... then it's finished!! YAY!!!!!!
If I can get that done today I can sit tonight and do the hand stitching - then it's off to Bayside Stitchcraft with it so it can hang there on show for the Shop Hop :o). When it's done I'll lay it out properly and take a piccy ...... I'm so pleased with it, it's turning out soooo pretty :o).
Think I'd better get started :o)!!!


Terry said...

Congratulations on the oven cleaning! Wanna come and do mine now? LOL The dragonfly quilt is looking fabulous! :0)

Deb said...

Oh Joy, I know what you mean about oven cleaning BUT I have it all worked out. Our oven is an under the bench one (which I hate) and when I was pregnant I couldn't get down to clean it so Bill did it for me..... and well he's still does it. I must admit though it never looks like yours, thats brilliant. You sound like you are having a wonderful time teaching and with your new quilt, its is so adorable.
P.S I also wonder what DS is hiding in his room that managed to get it cleaned up so quickly. Thanks for popping by.

Julie said...

oooh, i'm with you joy - i'd rather clean the dunny than the oven any day!
a hint if you hate oven cleaner......soak your racks in the laundry or bathtub overnight in water & normal laundry washing powder. as for the oven, make a mixture of the above and spray on the insides of the oven. works a treat, even on MANKY ovens and no more chemical stench, no mor ehard scrubbing.

loving your new quilt, the fabrics are so pretty.

knew you'd knock their socks off with your class.

julie xox

Julia said...

My pet hate too Joy!
I hate cleaning the oven,,,must do it soon!
The quilt lokks lovely.
Julia ♥

Tozz said...

I dont have an oven so I dont have to worry about cleaning one hehehe...but I used to have one and it was a dreaded job cleaning it.
I love your colours you have used in your Dragonfly quilt..soooo pretty :)

Sherri said...

My feelings on cleaning ovens are the same as yours! I did mine recently too...but I'd better not tell you how long it had been!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I know my oven needs a good going over and I shudder at the thought. The silly manufactures have made the glass in the doors accessible from the bottom, which makes it near impossible to access for cleaning. grrr

Micki said...

Congrats on the cleaning. it is not an easy job...I know!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well look at that beautiful oven! I suggest that you never ever cook again. Why spoil a nice clena oven? Sorry you didnt read the can before jumping in with your bare hands.
Your dragonfly quilt is sooo cute.