Thursday, January 13, 2011

More ways to help Qld Flood Appeal :o)

Firstly THANK YOU SO MUCH to my bidders so far!! If you haven’t yet seen my auction it’s on my previous post -
Please feel free to bid on this kit … everything is included to make this gawjus “Teatime Tabletopper”. The more $$$$ we can raise for these most deserving people whose lives have been turned upside down by this disaster the better. My heart is breaking for them and my thoughts and prayers are with them all!!
If you’d rather you could make a sewing kit for a quilter - S6301185 go here for details
You could make a quilted block!! Nikki Tervo (no blog yet … but we’re working on it!!) is making up quilts from donated 12 1/2” quilted blocks for the flood victims. If you’d like to make one (or more!!!) then here’s what she told me …
“I am collecting 12 1/2" pre quilted quilt blocks. Blocks need to have a cream fabric measuring 14" square on the back, A thin wadding like wool or cotton to be used. All blocks must be quilted. Please send to Nikki's Flood Quilts PO box 4139 Gumdale 4154. Feel free to sign or write a message of comfort on the back of your block. Make sure it is quilted please!! Please forward this message to anyone Thanks”
These are just a few ways you can help out :o) … please don’t forget to check out the other auctions at Toni’s blogQLD_Flood_Appealthere will be a full list of bloggers auctions there on the weekend.
Direct donations to the Premier's Flood Appeal can also be made by visiting this site.
Stay safe …

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