Monday, June 6, 2011

Things we Love Block #10 – Take 2!!

It seems my block isn’t downloading for some of you - and is even coming out too small for others too (….it should be 5” square)!!
So sorry!!!
Let’s try this again ……………
Things we love 10
Remember to click on the big BLUE button to download it. Not the GREEN Arrow.
Block #9 is available here on Vicki’s blog – and it’s gawjus!!!!!!!! :o)
I do hope I’ve got it right this time ;o)!!!!!

(You might have noticed I've taken the Bucket of Buckets "Buy It Now" button  away from my sidebar ...... if you'd still like one, my patterns are available from these stores - or from my website.)


Vicki ♥ said...

Thankyou gawjus gal :) It worked for me this time sweetie and of course I love it and cant wait to stitch it up. :) Hugsss Vicki xxx

Beverly said...

Thanks so much!

Wendy B said...

It worked for me first time......or so I thought!!!!....maybe I should double-check or maybe I was just a lucky-bum!!!!! LOL
Thanks gawjus girl!!!
XXXX big sugary melty marshmallow hugs
Wendy :O) funny...word verification is winess....issss it trying to tell me somethin'..??!! LOL

Iris-Julimond said...

Oh, I am so happy to be able to download now.
Thanks to you and thanks to Vicki, who mailed to me for help.

Girls, you are great.
Thanks for all your designs.

Iris from Germany

GeeGee said...

Joy, I really appreciate all the trouble you have gone to in presenting this block for us. I down-loaded from the new site and it still comes out the small size. I have my printer scale setting to none and have had no problem with Vicki's #9 or any of the other blocks. Maybe I can figure it out, but just wanted you to know you are greatly appreciated. Have a great week!

Micki said...

These are cute blocks!

Susan said...

Sew much better - and lathough I cannot imagine a fire going here in Brisbane - any time of the year - it is still a lovely stitchery - and reat for the "southerners"!