Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show and Tell – and not just mine!!

Well I finally got around to making something that’s been in my sketchbook for quite a while … and my Bear (DD2) is very pleased that I did - as this is for her :o).

Meet Mr Hoot!! June 2011 081He’s lovely and snuggly with soft chenille under his little wings and on his back …

Even his little toesies are squishy soft too :o)!!June 2011 076 He stands about 16” tall and is quite a chubby 14” wide so he’s just right for cuddling :o).

I’ve also been busy making another project, but this one  I can only share a few sneaky peeks for now.

I can tell you that it’s a bag though.

I just love fabric covered buttons – they always match he he ;o).

I fell in love with the fabric I used, it’s called “Antiquities” by Michael Miller and mines been waiting patiently in my stash for me to pluck up the courage to cut it lol.

June 2011 094

     I also discovered quite by accident that it was more than appropriate to use for a bag for me. Look what it says across the top of the back of the bag…June 2011 093 Is it my wicked mind or does anyone else think that this looks like it says “For the Shite” LOL????!!!!! 

Here’s some more ‘show and tell’ but this time it’s not made by me, it’s made by Karyn. She sent me this pick of her sewing caddy that she made using my ‘Honeybun Fun’ pattern. Isn’t it fabulous!??!!IMGP6508 You can see more pics of her gawjus bag on her blog, including some really pretty stitcheries that she put on the front – which I think look simply beautiful!! Pop on over and see for yourself :o).

Well I’m off to do some pattern writing … hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!


Jeanette said...

Love Mr Hoot. He is gawjus. The sneaky peak looks interesting. Hugs,

Penny said...

I want to squish those little toesies!!! So cute :)

manda said...

hehehe...for the shite...hehehe...
LOVE the owl!!

Karyn said...

Thanks Joy, for showing my bag. I love it; it is so practical.
I do love your owl; he looks ever so cuddly!
A for the 'shite' - I will leave that one well alone!LOL!!

teresa said...

Love your owl Joy and I love your sneaky peeks. It sure does look like it says For the Shite!!! ha ha...Beautiful fabric though... can't wait to see the bag in full!

Val Laird said...

Hi Joy

Mr Hoot looks very dashing - so cute! I am wondering if my e-mails to you in the last few weeks have been ending up in the Junk folder, as I haven't heard from you. Would still love to receive my Bucket pattern.


Allie said...

Mr. Hoot is gorgeous - he just looks so cuddly! That fabric is lovely Joy, and yes, For the Shite was the very first thing I saw on it, rofl! Karyn did a lovely job on your pattern, oh my. So pretty!

Bev C said...

Hello Joy,

Mr Hoot is indeed a cuddly creature,love the big bright eyes. Wouldn't they look great if they shined up at night.
Happy days.

Chris H said...

Awww the owl is adorable!
Drool over your gorgeous fabrics.

Maree: said...

Oh I Love Mr.Hoot & soo Will my Little Miss.E....He's Gorgeous!
Soo Glad you Persisted...