Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why “JoyPatch”???

I’ve just been over to Dawn’s blog and she’s asking the question “what’s the reason behind the name”.

Why did we choose the names of our blogs? joypatch-top-website-banner

Well, even though it’s quite obvious why mine is what it is – cos “Joy” is my name and all … I thought I’d join in the fun and try and get you all to do the same … there might even be a prize in it if you’re Dawn’s lucky winner :o)!!!



I’m looking forward to following all the links to read your stories ….. and I’m sure they’ll be a LOT more interesting than mine lol.


Dawn said...

your so sweet... and I love your name...'its just for you!
Hugs Dawn x x x x

Lucky-1 said...

This is going to be fun reading how people named their blogs:)


Maddy said...

Will be interesting and fun to see why people name things. What it says about us.

Jeanneke said...

Your blog and its name are real Joy!

Allie said...

I love the name of your blog, it's just perfect for you! I had fun playing along too...what a great idea Dawn had!

Marianne said...

great name for a blog especially if your name Joy. Love your blog and I will be back after I visit the rest of the blogs on the list

Corrine said...

Hi Joy, just found your blog. Interesting topic. Someone asked me the Name question recently. it will be great to hear all the stories.

Wendy B said...

I can't imagine your blog being called anything else darling Joy!!!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) XXX

Janet said...

Thanks for the visuals - they were really helpful :)

wonderwoman said...

Your blog name is just perfect! Mine was easy _ ems nickname was supergirl so it just seemed obvious what mine should be!