Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bugger ........

I was cooking our dinner last night, nothing fancy, when what should happen? The oven door handle broke in my hand!!! Honestly, all I did was open the door ... it must have been hanging on by just a thread!!! It gave me quite a start ..... so I quickly shoved the food into the oven and shut the door, then I carefully pushed the handle back into place, picked up the screws and little pieces of handle off the floor, and vowed to be very careful next time I opened it. It did occur to me that maybe it was a mistake to put the food in ... just in case I couldn't get it out ... but oh well, best to deal with that dilemma if and when it happened. So a little while later when I was checking the progress of our vegie bake I grasped the opposite side of the handle, the side that was still attached and I got the door open ok ... but then the whole glass front part of the door fell off, luckily it didn't break. I was left holding only the handle!!!
Bugger ...........
I'm now left with this weird looking skeleton of an oven door and I'm not game to use it for fear of what might fall off next!!!
Oh well, on the bright side ... we needed a new stove anyway :o)

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