Friday, August 29, 2008

Ummm, what day is it???

I think I must've blinked and missed it!!! It's Sunday already!!?!!?! I swear it feels like I've lost a couple of days!!! Grrr!! Although, I must admit, I did get a few jobbies done :o). I did write up a pattern that's been sitting on my desk begging for attention. It's now all done and tucked up in it's little ziplock bag waiting to go to it's new home :o). I also whipped up (yer right ... just whipped it up LOL!!!) this little bag (below) ... it's a new sample of my Raggy Daisy pattern but done in a completely different colourway. I'm going to take it to Suzanne at Country Quilt Co in Ipswich with some other samples (that have been holidaying up north - lucky things - wish I'd gone with them!!!) for her shop.

Well the weekend wasn't completely lost. We were lucky enough to get on board Eye Spy, the whale watching boat, for the Riverfire festival on the Brisbane River. What a great night ... the fireworks were out of this world and the F111s shook me to my boots!!! Loved it!!! I took a total of 58 piccies and I think about 5 of them turned out ok ... LOL ... oh well, we have great memories of a terrific night ... he he!! Hint - Maybe if you squint they aren't quite so blurred (???).
Last Monday I had to wave my DD1 off to London again. I was very well restrained ... I didn't cry til she was down the escalator, that's pretty good for me. I didn't really let it go til I got a lovely sms from her when I got home. I'm going to miss her soooo much. It was a real "Murphy" morning. Everything that could go wrong did, except for one thing ... we did manage to get her passport back from the passport office in time for her to fly ... but only just!! We had to leave for the airport at 11a.m and Luke (her partner) picked up the passport at 10a.m, talk about cutting it fine - phew!!! I've spoken to her a couple of times since she arrived so at least I know she arrived safe :o) Poor Luke is still here waiting for his Visa to come through.

I went out and about again on Thursday. I love going around all the patchwork shops ... quilters are lovely :o). I went to Quilt Essentials to deliver some quilt samples - gorgeous shop, you should pop in and see Claudia, Kim and Deb if you are in the area. I've also been to Caboolture Sewing Machines and Patchwork to see Danielle and the girls - loads of fabs and patterns in there, and in Clontarf I called in at Northside Sewing Centre where they have a great range of fabrics too. Of course, a trip in that direction also had to include a visit to one of my fave shops, the Patchwork Angel - I really could spend all day in there, there's so much to see :o). But I was very good ... all I bought all day was some threads, I was rather proud of myself.
And when I got home I got a lovely surprise because the pattern I won here had arrived and it's bee-yoo-tiful!!! I can't wait to make it!!! I thought about making it for my Stitcher Angel, but I know I won't be able to part with it ..... sorry Angel!! Here's a piccy of it with the cute label Gail included - and the threads I bought on my travels. Big Big thank you to Gail :o)!!!

I'm heading north again on Tuesday to more patchwork shops ... I can't wait. Can't promise I'll be so well behaved next time though - I can feel some fabric buying coming on - he he, hold me back ;o).


Joy :o)

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