Friday, August 22, 2008

Hexy Quilt - WIP!!!

I've been having such fun going through the list of Angels on this blog. And in my travels I came across another quilter mad enough to take on a hexy quilt here. Maybe we should all get together ... I like the idea of that as I have a HUGE head start LOL!!!!!
I've been stitching this quilt by hand for about 2 years now ... probably more!! I've hand-sewn hundreds and hundreds of 1" hexys together and one day it's going to be on my queen size bed - I mean it ;o)!!!I can't remember what it was that possessed me to take on such a project in the first place but I'm so glad I did, I really love it and I can't wait til it's finished. Only trouble is, I can really only work on it in the cooler months cos it gets waaaay too hot to do in the summer-time. It's made mostly from scraps with just the ivory background being all in the same fabrics. The plan is to do a blue border with ivory daisies ... then it should be done!!!

The Quilt Buddy was wondering how I filled in the giraffes in my free BOM block from Lynette Anderson so here's a closer piccy. Hopefully you can see it better now, it's just a satin stitch but I think it looks quite pretty. Lynette's stitcheries are soooo cute, you really must pop over and have a look :o).That's all from me for now ... might go and check out some more Angel blogs ;o).
Joy :o)


Ulla said...

Hi, I'm another Stitchers' Angel on tour through the list. Funny that I happened to post a link to my GFG quilt today. Seems that it is a popular pattrn among stitchers! The stitching/embroidery is something I have not been doing a lot, but now I'll start learning.

margaret.leigh8 said...

I didn't know you were a hexagon freak!!!!! Maybe not a freak, but a lover of hexagons. Well, English paper piecing in general. Might suss them out and bring for a show and tell and a razz from the 'big one' for not having any of them finished. ha ha ha See you tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That quilt is AMAZING! Ilove the way hexagon blocks look!

May Britt said...

Your hexagon quilt is wonderful.

Lynette Anderson said...

Your hexagons are just looking fabulous, maybe I should dig mine out of the cupboard and do a few more. Love the giraffes and they way you have coloured them in looks so nice, thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

I absolutely love your hexagon quilt. I have the papers, I have the material, I just need the time :-)You have inspired me to make a start.

nicky said...

What an amazing quilt. Looking forward to seeing more progress soon.

Julia said...

Oh Joy, Your hexagon quilt is beautiful!.
You should finish it, I'm sure it will be a ribbon winner at the show...the hand quilting around each and very hex is a pain to the hands as well as the you know what!!
I know it is traditional to hand quilt it, but I will never hand quilt a hex quilt again..
Love the giraffes and they way you have coloured them in, lloks great!
Hugs julia