Friday, November 21, 2008

Giveaway coming soon :o)!!!

Very happy to tell you that I've finished all the bits and pieces for my new pattern. I just have to write it up now and take some proper piccies to show you. Once I've done that there will be a giveaway to celebrate :o). Here's another looky at what's coming .....I love these fabrics ...... they're "Charm Bracelet" by Windham Fabrics. I have some leftover so I'm hoping there will be enough to make a bag ..... can't wait to use that pretty trim!!!!!

Jill's bag now has handles and is complete ..... here's the bag with the planned contents (so far...) I could still really use some ideas on what else to put in it though......... Do ya love the dugong down the bottom LOL!!?!!? That's "Pig" from Seaworld :o).

I'm off to write up a pattern :o).

Take care,


Joy :o)


Anonymous said...

hi joy, just dropping by to say how much i love your blog! keep up the great work.
julie :)

julia said...

Hi Joy,
it's great to hear you're nearly ready with pattern writing...
Love the sneak peek - ric rac, who could resist? *lol*
Hugs, Julia