Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Great Night!!

Saturday night was a really happy night. We celebrated the engagement of DS Ross and his gorgeous fiance Alicia at such a fun party filled with loads of family and friends. Not even the rain could dampen our spirits. You can see by the smiling faces on the happy couple that they're set for a very happy life together ....... honestly, they're like that all the time!!! Still cloudy and overcast yesterday ... but we took my dear Mum and her friend Jill (from UK) to the Botanic Gardens. We had lunch there and a wander around the beautiful gardens. There were loads of water dragons running around making the most of the cooler weather ...some water fowl busy nesting ... this little guy kept bringing twigs and leaves to the other one for the nest ... so fascinating to watch!! ...and of course the plantlife was outstanding - how gorgeous is this giant Magnolia!!??!!
Hope your weekend was fabulous too :o)
Joy :o)


Milah said...

Alicia is really pretty, but what I want to know is...does she like to quilt? LOL!
From the looks on their faces, I think they will be very happy. Have they set a date?

wonderwoman said...

hi joy - they look lovely and soo happy, many congrats to them! love your pics

your header looks great tooo - am having probs with my blog and can't find out why!!!