Friday, November 14, 2008

Out and About again :o)

One of the very bestest parts of my 'job' (... I hesitate to call it that because it's something I just LOVE to do) is visiting patchwork shops. This one is my local and I shop there a LOT :o) - it's where I got that most beautiful blue trim that I simply couldn't resist!!... they are at Ross Court, Cleveland if you are a Brissy Blogger and want to check it out ... you won't be disappointed :o). Say Hi to Margaret and Brenda for me :o)!! They have SO much to see and their prices are good too!!!

I headed out to the Northside of Brissy yesterday and I got to call in to some of my favourite shops ..... I saw Claudia at QuiltEssentials at Eatons Hill - I got caught up with chatting and I forgot to take piccies, but you'll love her store - and her new BOM - so cute. Also minus a piccy is Caboolture Sewing Machines and Patchwork - always great fun to visit the girls there - you must drop in if you're in the area, they are at Morayfield Village, just near Overflow!!! I promise to take piccies of both of these stores next time I'm out there :o).

Here's another place I visited just yesterday (and I remembered to take a piccy!!), they have the best range of jelly-rolls, honey-buns (I think that's what they're called, they're 1 and 1/2" strips, like a jelly roll), layer cakes and charm packs that I've seen - all in the very latest fabrics!!! I have a very strong feeling I'm going to be going back again, and quite soon. Only a new shop but WOW, it's grown in the past few months since I was there last. It's Peppermint Stitches, in Sylvan Road at Toowong. You can't miss the gorgeous red store. Say hi to Stacey when you visit :o)!!!Well I finally got my goodies together to send to ****** across the sea!!! I've only shown the wrapped parcel just in case she checks out my blog ... he he I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!!! I've had a blast getting all my Polka dot and Ric Rac pressies together - I think I could quite easily become a 'swap addict' ...... LOL what a way to go!!!But it's not over for me ... I've joined a 'last minute' Christmas Swap with Janet over at Wildcraft Farm and I'm so excited to be doing another. I've been going through my fabrics and making up my mind what I'll make ......... and I haven't even got the low down on what we are to send yet??!!!? I'm sure some of the things I have in mind will match up ;o). If you want to join in the fun I think you still have time ......... I think it's closing on the weekend, SO HURRY :o) :o).

Well that's it from me for now .... I'd better go and make DD2's lunch.

Take care,


Joy :o)


Jeanette said...

Is Peppermint Stitches near the rail station? :) Sounds like a good shop to visit.

wonderwoman said...

my goodness, you are one busy lady! what a lovely day!


Cheryl said...

Great places you get to visit. I just love the layout of your blog and how pretty it is!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You have been very busy over there haven't you? Going to some great places while your busy. Can't wait to see what you sent......for the Polka Dot swap.