Friday, January 30, 2009

Going Cross-eyed

This has been my view for most of yesterday and today ........ I cleared some of the 'rubble' for this piccy LOL!!!!I'm going a bit cross eyed glancing from the 'puter screen to the calculator while writing up the pattern for the panda quilt ... so I'm having a break and doing a bit of blogging!!

I'm just loving all the names I'm receiving for the quilt ... you guys have made it so much easier for me!! I have a couple of favourites from the names that have come through already so keep 'em coming ... this is a big help :o)!!! Click here to leave a comment for your chance to win a panda quilt pattern!!!!!! You don't have to suggest a name if you don't want to ... you can just leave a comment and you'll still be in the draw ;o)!!!
How lovely is Julie??!!! She sent this fabulous award to me a couple of days ago (while I was buried under all the pattern writing stuff) ..... Thank you so much Julie, you're such a sweety - you really put a smile on my face :o)!!!I've tried and tried but I can't single out 5 people to pass this award onto ... so if you're blog is on my sidebar, please consider yourself a recipient of this award because I love all of your blogs and you all deserve an award :o).

It hasn't been all computers, calculators and typing ... I did manage to get some stitching done last Wednesday when I met up with Valerie (no blog) and Lyn (also no blog!!) and we had a go at doing some cathedral windows. I think I really should have started with something a bit larger .... this turned out to be quite a fiddle .....The pin cushion is just 4" x 4 " so the little windows are only about 1 1/2" square ... still, it turned out ok so I'll be happy to let it sit with my growing collection :o).
Talk soon ...............


Julie said...

oooh, joy! that pincushion is so cute! i see what you mean now by 'fiddly'. don't think it's something i'd ever attempt - no patience here!
it is lovely though.
p.s ~ 3 little ones say hello to you. LOL
julie :)

Julia said...

Gorgeous quilt Joy...and I love the pretty, I would not want to use it!
Julia ♥...

Jeanette said...

The pincushion is so sweet. Don't know that i'd try Cathedral Windows that small but i may if i ended up with something that cute. :) Hugs, Jeanette

Milah said...

The pin cushion is adorable. It looks hard to make.
I don't think I could write a pattern if I had to. Especially after it's made. I think I would have to take lots of notes along the way.

wonderwoman said...

what a gorgeous little pincushion - it must have taken a while as it does look rather complicated!!