Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love my featherweight!!!! :o)

Today my friend Valerie came over to sew with me. We decided to make the cute little fabric baskets from Pink Penguins incredibly popular tutorial. I was getting tired of lugging my big machine around (even if it was just from one room to another lol) so I decided to give this gorgeous little darling a try. That's my friend Valerie (No Blog) in the background doing some serious stitching.It's a Featherweight 221k and I bought her off eBay ages ago for a pretty good price and I've hardly used her. I got a 1/4" foot for her, also from eBay, a couple of months ago so she was ready to go.
Wow!!! She's a dream to use!!! I know I'll be getting this little dynamo out of hiding much, much, more in the future. Not only is she beautiful, but she sews quietly and soooo neatly, even at 58 years old!! I still have the original receipt, and on 1st September 1951 she was bought for the princely sum of 43 pounds 8 shillings and 9pence!!
Hey, do you think the warranty is still good he he he??? Here's the box she came in with some more feet and a spare bobbin .....
and this came with her too ..... it's a buttonhole maker, complete with instructions, but there's no zig-zag on this model so I think it might be for another machine (???). LOL it's HUGE ... It's as big as my hand!!! I'm going to have to come up with a name for this lady ......... any ideas?????
Take care......
P.S I'd love to hear from any other Featherweight 221k owners :o)


Julie said...

hi joy,
she's adorable indeed!
i think 'sally singer'
or 'florence featherweight'

Lurline said...

Joy, I'm glad you are using your Featherweight - keep enjoying it! The little baskets are great, are't they?
Hugs - Lurline♥

Milah said...

Joy, I can't believe it!!! I'm planning a post for next week about my two singer sewing machines. And yes, I have a featherweight too!

Sherri said...

The featherweight is great...wish I had one! And your baskets are adorable!

Desiree said...

What a GREAT find! I'm envious, hehe Cute bags too!

wonderwoman said...

Bubbles, for some reason , pops into my mind - light and airy! i love your machine its beautiful.


Julia said...

The little baskets are great!
Great little machine, I have always wanted one,, but I do have an Elna Lotus which is good for carrying around too.
Julia ♥

Rowena Quilts'n Sew On said...

I'm not 100% sure but I think the button hole attachment is for your Featherweight. Singer made the buttonhole attachments for the
Featherweight and other straight stitchers. You may find instructions on how to use it on a specialist vintage
singer website. Good luck and enjoy your lovely Featherweight,Rowena