Monday, January 12, 2009

PIF and a Finish!!!!!

First of all I'm totally excited ..... I've joined up with Cheryl's PIF, it's my first and I've got loads of ideas already of all the lovely things I'd like to make for the 3 ladies who choose to be in mine. It's really simple ... all you have to do is comment on my blog and let me know that you'd like to join up for my PIF!!! Of course, you're welcome to comment anyway without any obligation to join - I just love to hear from any readers :o).

The rules are pretty simple .... I send a gift to each of the first 3 people who leave a comment saying they would like to join me in this PIF and then you in return must "Pay it Forward" and send a gift to 3 ladies who would join you on your own PIF. The best part is you have a whole year to send your gift!!! Have I made that as clear as mud for you LOL????? Don't worry, if you have any questions I'm only an email away :o)!!!
I have no problem with sending overseas ... so anyone with a blog is free to join up with me ... please make sure I can reply to you though ... I'll need your email address, and I promise to read your blogs and find out lots about you so that I can send you lovely gifties that I can be sure you will enjoy :o)!!!

Now, the next bit I'm quite excited about too!!! Fanfare ..... drumroll ..... I've had a "finish"!!!! Yep, I have :o). There I was feeling quite inadequate and more than a little bit worried that I wouldn't be able to fulfil my promise as a "One Project A Month-er" ... and here I am mid-month no less ... with a finish!! Woohoo!!! I'm going to add this to my list on my sidebar and email Kris and May Britt to let them know :o). Ok, so it's only a little toiletries bag ... but it's still a finish :o). I made it for Jess cos one of the birthday gifts she got from her Aunty and Uncle and cousins was a 'spa set' (loofah, massager etc) and she needed to keep them in something ... so we went into my sewing room, picked out some teenagery type fabric (well, as close as I could find) and I made it up for her last night :o). I was quite chuffed with the result .... and I think she was pleased with it too.Don't forget my PIF ... I need 3 lovely ladies to send my pressies to :o)
Edit:- I have three lovely stitchers signed up ..... thanks ladies!!!!! :o)
Take care .....


wonderwoman said...

hi Joy - count me in please!


wonderwoman said...

is that okay - as you were my stitching angel and have already made me some lovely things?


Kirsi said...

Hey Joy!
Thank you for visiting my blog and your cheering comment. I like to join in your PIF.

Julie said...

aaw, very cute joy! i'm sure jess loves it too.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your finish!!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Joy do you want to sign me up for your PIF? Love your cute bag. I cute out the fabrics yesterday for you folder cover. Hugs, Jeanette