Sunday, January 11, 2009

WARNING -High calorie post ... proceed with caution!!!

He he ... looks good enough to eat doncha think!!??!
I've been baking all morning because my in-laws are coming over this afternoon for Jess' Birthday and I've made afternoon tea for us all. I'm sure you've spotted my favourite "Lemon Fudge Cake" there on the right ... and the cup cakes are actually the birthday cake, I've got some cute candles to put on them later ... and the other plate has "Raspberry and Almond Muffins" ....... YUMMM. For all of you lovely bloggy ladies doing Sharon's diet challenge ... don't linger on this blog too long cos, I'm not absolutely sure, but I think the calories might be downloading as you read. Nothing here is safe or even remotely weight watcher friendly ....... sorry!!!!

Onto stitchy things ...... Very pleased to have finished the first border for my hexy quilt ..... YAY ... (insert Kris' happy dance here he he!!). Phew ... one down, three to go :o). It's actually not taking as long as I thought it would so maybe I'll meet my deadline after all :o)!!!!!


wonderwoman said...

hi Joy, couldn't resist a headline like that!
your baking looks fab and the cupcakes look brilliant!
and your quilt, wow, looking amazing - i don't know how you find the time!


Milah said...

The quilt looks as delicious as the desserts! Yummy to both!

julia said...

Hi Jo,
wow - I'm deeply impressed, the quilt is going to be gorgeous!!
Cheers, Julia

Bec said...

Your hexagonal quilt is looking amazing - very effective. Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.
Bec xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice yummy looking treats and the quilt...stunning.

Sherri said...

You're right...definitely a high calorie post...and I love the hexagon quilt!

Julie said...

your cakes look yummo joy! not to mention your fab hexie quilt.
hope jess had a wonderful birthday.
julie x

Ariane said...

Your Hexagon quilt is amazing. I'm in awe!!