Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christmas Shopping, More Christmas cooking, More Christmas mail and Christmas special No; 6

Oh my goodness, the title of this post is almost as long as the post itself LOL!!!!!

Bear and I had another really lovely day together. We got some last minute Christmas shopping done in the morning, bought some more lights for DH to put up in the pergola [[which he did that afternoon!!! What a Sweety he is :o)!!]]. Also couldn't resist these pretties ....
to sit on the dinner table on Christmas Day :o).

Once we got home it was back to baking Christmas goodies. Is there anything that smells yummier than delicious buttery shortbread baking???!! Mmmmmm, I LOVE that aroma :o)!! And they turned out so well ...........I can say that quite confidently as I was the official taste-tester. YUMMMM!!!!!
We also made these .........These are scrummy ... just melt some dark choccy, pop a glace' cherry in each tiny patty case, then pour the melted chocolate over the cheery into each little cup, then you just pop them into the refrigerator to set. Mmmmm, irresistable :o)!! Today I'm making my special Ice-cream with macadamia nuts, macadamia cookies, red and green licorice and coconut in it. The kids LOVE that ..... and the grown ups too LOL.

I've finished all my Christmas sewing now ... this was the last item to make. Just a pretty journal cover for my gorgeous Mum :o).The "M" is also for "Margaret" .... works for me ;o).

I got a really lovely surprise in the mail yesterday too. I was a lucky winner earlier this year in Sandi's giveaway. She sent me a beautiful handmade stocking - you can see it in the piccy below hanging on our fireplace ready for Santa to visit ;o) ...............
(and it was full of Christmas fat quarters!!!) . And dear Sandi remembered me again this Christmas and she sent me these ....Both of these adorable tree ornaments have my name on them!!!! What an incredibly thoughtful lady you are Sandi!!! Thank you SO much!!!

Okay ... well here's the 6th JoyPatch Christmas special!! Today I've chosen a pattern that pretty much sums up how I feel about housework!! I do it, but I don't like it he he!!! This bag has cute stitcheries on it that say ........
"Dusting :o( Ironing :o( Washing :o( ~ I'd rather be Quilting :o)"
and on the other side ...
"Sweeping :o( Cleaning :o( Cooking :o( ~ I'd rather be Quilting :o)"

So if you're like me and would rather be stitching than doing your chores, then this bag has to be on your "to do" list lol!!! It's nice and roomy, 15" x 13" with pockets inside for your phone and other little items you'd like to keep within easy reach. Nice long handles too so you can sling it over your shoulder. And just like the others, this PDF pattern is just $5.00!!! I can email the pattern to you as soon as payment is received, no postage costs and no waiting :o)!!!!
Well I'd better go and wake Bear, she's off to do her Christmas shopping today!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Joy, everything looks so lovely and festive. I want to come to your house for Christmas!

Wendy B said...

I can see Roly Poly at your place this Christmas after all that festive yumminess!!! Have a wonderful Christmas...lots of sugary sweet Chrissy thoughts coming to you and yours during this festive season! XXX :O)

stitchinfiend said...

Those chocolate cherries look devine. I can't get in the mood for Christmas at all. Such beautiful ornaments that you received too. I am going to have a first attempt at covering a journal for myself come the new year.

Sew Useful Designs said...


I can taste the shortbread from here!!!!! {{{{droool}}}!! he he..

I love your new candles too, and the sweet Joypatch bag is just exquisite - my sentiments exactly!

Festive hugs darling friend!
Vikki xoxo

Micki said...

Everything looks so pretty and festive. Hsve a wonderful holiday!

Isi said...

Hola Joy,
Te escribo en español pues en inglés no lo hago muy bien. Te deseo que pases unas Felices Fiestas de Navidad, y que en el Nuevo Año se cumplan todos tus deseos. Un abrazo. Isi.(desde España).