Saturday, December 12, 2009

SO Chuffed!!!!

Oh I’m so tired … it’s only mid afternoon and I’ve got matchsticks keeping my eyes open …. I think I need a nana-nap he he he!! We had a Garage Sale today and would you believe there were people lined up outside at 5.30am!!!! Who gets up at that hour????!!! Well they do of course he he, but I really could have done with another half hour or so in bed. All done now though and the garage looks normal again he he. AND we have MUCH more room in the shed now too :o)!!!

It’s been a HUGE week for me as far as mail is concerned!!! I’m sure my poor postie is gasping for breath after lugging all my parcels to the door this past week he he!!!

Look what came from Nana Pat’s nimble knitty fingers ….. aren’t they absolutely lovely!!??! I just adore these knitted hangers cos they don’t leave bumps in the shoulders of my clothes like ordinary hangers!! If you want some too you can get them here too … thanks Nana Pat :o)!!!December 09 053I also received a parcel from the gorgeous Andrea and the ladies from Buderim Patchwork … I was so lucky, I won a prize in their giveaway recently ~ hmmm, I think that should read LOTS of prizes lol!!December 09 056 Just look at all these goodies ~ I LOVE the hand applique’d teatowel – that will definitely be used in my kitchen on Christmas day!!! There are also some patterns and charm squares … a beautifully cross-stitched and embroidered pin cushion, a book mark ……… and don’t you just adore the super cupcake box!!! It’s even got fabric in it!!! Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies at Buderim Patchwork, I really am chuffed to bits with my prizes :o)!!!December 09 066 But that’s not all!!!! My SSCS pressies have arrived, all the way from Trashcan in the UK!!!December 09 068 Here’s the beautifully handpainted decoration she made for me … December 09 071 and I also got this fabulous assortment of terrific buttons and ribbon!!! I’m so spoilt aren’t I :o) … not to mention all the other gifts I get to open on Chrissy day ….. Oh PLEASE let my will power last that long LOL!!!! Thanks SO much Trashie!!!!December 09 070

This last bit of mail was from Green Fairy Quilts ... they are having a sale, absolutely irresistable to me were these gorgeous honey buns ~ one Aster Manor and one Aviary, and a dessert roll of Glace'. No plans for any of them yet, at the moment they're just being admired :o).

I’m still busy doing my Christmas stitching …. not too much left to do now, but I’d better get cracking on it otherwise it will be my usual mad rush on Christmas Eve lol ;o). Have you finished your Christmas stitching yet???


Gail said...

Lucky you! I've never gotten up for a garage sale at 5:30am but then I don't get up at 4am for Black Friday deals either. Merry Christmas and happy sewing!

Allie said...

5:30!!!!!!!! OH MY. No wonder you need a nap! I've done a few garage sales and let me tell you, I'd much rather shop at them than have one.
What lovely, lovely gifts you've recieved....yes you're spoiled but you deserve it!
I'm sure I'll still be stitching on Christmas morning, lol - that's the tradition!

:-) said...

Delighted your parecl arrived in time (I thought Chookyblue might be out to tan my hide otherwise!) Just hope the contents live up to your expectations (grimaces a little). I would hate to inflict a Scary Mary on anyone.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, look at all your goodies Joy! I can't imagine having a garage sale now -- it's freezing LOL!

kiwicarole said...

Hahaha, there is nothing wrong at all with taking a wee nana nap!! LOL I think you must have the best mail man in Australia!!
Carole :)

wonderwoman said...

sounds like you definitely deserved a nap!!! what fantastic goodies - lucky you!!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Goodness you must have had some great stuff to buy....what lovely gifts Joy, lucky you.

Wendy B said...

You're lucky Gloria from Airdmillan Ayring the Quilts didn't know your garage sale was on....she's a garage sale junkie!!!! I can relate to the nana nap needs at Christmas much to get done in such a small timeframe!! year I'll be more organised!!! hehehe
sugary hugs
Wendy B :O)