Friday, December 18, 2009

A White Christmas … for some!!!

Yesterday was a big day for my DS and his gorgeous wife!!! Off to London they flew, to spend Christmas with DD1 and her boyfriend Lukey. They look so happy and excited don’t they :o)!! December 09 162I’m going to miss them all so much on Christmas Day but I’m pleased as punch that they get to spend this special time with each other!!! AND … Tahlia (DD1) has told me it’s SNOWING over there!!!! ALREADY!!!! So it looks like Ross and Alicia get their very first ‘white Christmas’ ~ how fabulous is that :o)!!??!

We had to make a quick stop on the way home from the airport … one of Bear’s Chrissie pressies this year is a ‘friend for Ollie’. So off to the pet shop we went and after much sorting for ‘just the right birdie’ ….. we found Bert!!!December 09 170 Bert is just like Ollie was when we first got him …. he’s sweet and friendly, doesn’t mind being held AND … he DOESN”T BITE!!! That was THE most important thing, we didn’t want a ‘biter’!!!He and Ollie get along famously and they did right from the start :o) … aren’t they cute together!!??!December 09 169

Now, seeing as it’s Christmas and the time for good cheer and all that … I thought I’d have some specials on my blog for my PDF patterns. Each day I’m going to put another on my sidebar for just $5.00 each!!!! That's less than half price!!!!! There’ll be a new one added each day up until Christmas then they’ll disappear!!! LOL ~ just like Santa going back up the chimney he he he. So if you want one just click on the “Buy it Now” button and as soon as payment is received it will be emailed to you!!! How easy is that :o)!!?!!

First up is “Dragonflight” … it’s one of my favourites – Dragonflight I have this one on my bed at the moment done in pinks and purples … this range was called “Decadent Victorian”…232) Dragonflight (2) - JoyPatch 53 mmmmm it’s delish ;o)!!

So don’t forget to check in each day to see the next special!!! And while you’re checking blogs, there’s a fun link each day right up until Christmas on the Among the Gumtrees blog too!!!

Stitching time for me ……….


quiltinbysea said...

Joy you are so generous, can't wait to get started on 'Dragonflight'
It just might distract the Grandie from 'Slice & Dice' until Jan, (I live in a dream world don't I?!)

We also will be down on family this year, a first, so will think of you and some of yours being so far away. May you Darryl and Bear have a delicious and safe Chrissy.

Needled Mom said...

That is such a big adventure for the kids. It is nice that they will spend Christmas together.

stitchinfiend said...

Joy I know the feeling I also have a DD & fiance living in London. She is teaching at Westminster and rang Wed night to say it was snowing and this morning she walked to the tube in the snow. Have a great Christmas - this is my first Christmas without DD.

trash said...

Oh Joy, you brave mama. It is only now (nearly 20 years on) that I can imagine how my mother must have felt waving goodbye at teh airport.

(although I am guessing BEar is good for the being the only one Santa has to come to this year???)

wonderwoman said...

i hope they packed some thermal underwear as its soooo cold here!!! I'm sure they will have a great time tho' but it must have been hard for you to see them go! Still, next year, wahoo, we get to meet up ,yay!!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Very unlike the UK it is looking rather Christmasey out there...and London saw a good chunk of the snow...hope they've got some warm clothes!! :o)