Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 4th day of Spring!!!

I had the best of intentions of writing a post on the first day of Spring ......... well, happy 4th day of Spring he he :o)!!
We have had the very best news ... our DS Ross has just announced his engagement to his gorgeous girl Alicia!!! We couldn't be happier. They are a beautiful couple, so very special in so many ways, they truly belong together - what fabulous news!!! They are on holidays at the moment, down the coast, so I haven't even been able to give them a HUGE hug. But they're back on Saturday and we can't wait to see them. I'll get some piccies then hopefully, but until then here's a chuckle for you ... this is when DH and I got married {{OMG we're so YOUNG - and thin!!!}}. Waddyathink?????? Oh my, where did the years go???I've been out galavanting again. This time up to the north Sunshine coast. The countryside was so beautiful, what a lovely drive.
Drove along Steve Irwin Way ....
Saw Mt Tibrogargan
Up to Maleny

and north as far as Maroochydore. Got to meet some super people again - that's the best part of my job!!! Popped into Totally Patchwork at Palmwoods (among many other gorgeous stores) and simply couldn't resist this pattern called Rebel by Angels in Disguise .... knowing my passion for hexies LOL!! Can't wait to start it .....
Wasn't I a good girl!!??! That's all I bought ;o)!!! Of course, now I have to buy fabrics for this - tee hee ...... I've really only delayed the inevitable LOL.

I've also been working on this with my dear friend Valerie, I'll need to catch up today cos I think she's a bit ahead of me ;o)And these are the pretties I've picked out for my Secret Angel project for my 'mortal' in the Northern Hemisphere ......... that's the first clue ... vague I know, but that's it for now :o).
I'm off ..... I have an appointment with my sewing machine :o)!!!

Take care,

Joy :o)


Milah said...

Hello Joy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Wow! Australia! I love hearing from people who live so far away!!
You have a nice blog and I wil stop by again. BTW, nice wedding picture!

SewAmy said...

I had never been to that site before, angels in disguise. They are a lot of cute stitchery's. thank you for the link. and love your angle project so far.