Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One more March finish and some other stuff …..

It’s been a big week for me … lots of things happening – so please forgive me for not answering the comments from the last couple of posts, I’ve been doing so much lately I hardly know if I’m Arthur or Martha LOL. To start with … my Dear Mum finally got in for her knee replacement operation last Monday, so that’s why I’ve been a little bit quiet in blogland. Gosh I have so many blogs still to read, I feel like I’m missing out on all the goss lol!! Mum’s doing really well, she’s been walking a few steps with the physiotherapists and although she’s in some pain she’s coping with it well. She’s such a trooper my Mum - Bless her heart :o)!!!

The day she went into hospital it was my quilt group’s friendship day, here’s part of the display we had ….. The larger quilts on the table at the front of the pic are some of the workshops we've done in the group. The small quilts hanging up at the back of the pic have been made for the Neonatal ward of our local hospital … they are our chosen charity for 2009/10. All of these little quilts, I think there are about 25 or so, have been made by members and will be given to the hospital in May.March 2010 251This is the one I made ……March 2010 238with a sleepy bear on the front ;o) – YAY, another finish for March :o)!!!March 2010 237Here are some more of the quilts on show made by our members. The one in the middle won a blue ribbon at the Brisbane Quilt show last year, isn’t it stunning!!??! It’s made by our very own Jenny Williams, and she hand dyed the fabrics herself too!!!March 2010 249Here’s some more … don’t you love the herd of giraffe in the front of the pic …March 2010 250Ooops, sorry … I think the one on the right might be a cow lol!I couldn’t help myself …. I ended up buying some fabric, I just couldn’t resist this gawjus kitty fat quarterMarch 2010 257and then of course I had to get some more to go with it ;o)!!! March 2010 256

I also found some irresistible fabrics at my local patchwork store … don’t you just love those cute little owls???!! March 2010 258 I’m going to make another sashiko table runner out of these :o).

I’d better get myself off to bed … I’m going to the Craft Expo tomorrow and I want to be wide awake to enjoy it!!!


Terry said...

Glad to hear your mum is doing well! Love the fabrics you got too! :0)

Maria said...

Pleased to hear you Mum is doing well after her op.

What beautiful quilts your group have make. Love your teddy one.

What gawjus fabrics too.

Allie said...

So glad your mum's doing well - no blog hopping when life is busy, dear girl! Family comes first.

Those quilts are wonderful, I love your bear - the fabrics you picked up are sweet, too! The owls are fantastic.

Don't try to catch up, ok? Just start fresh!

wonderwoman said...

so glad to hear your mum is doing well - please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Those quilts are amazing Joy and your fabrics are lovely - especially the kitty one! Hope you have a good day at the Expo - i don't know where you get your energy from!xxx

Mrs A. said...

Now if I could just get my paws on some of that kitty fat quarter life would be purrfect!!

Jeanette said...

Glad to hear you Mum is doing well Joy. Love the quitls on display & the stuffed animals. Lovely fabrics you've bought. Hugs, Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Phew! You have been busy !!!
So pleased your Mum is doing well and the Quilts are all beautiful.
Look forward to another tablerunner with those beautiful fabrics.
Congrats on another March OPAM Completed.


I love the bear quilt you made!!!
Glad Mum has the surgery behind her--my 41 yr old daughter had a knee replacement about a year ago!!
love the new fabs for your stash??
Hugs, Di

Julia said...

Pleased to hear you Mum is doing well after her op.
What beautiful quilts your group have made. Love your teddy one.
Joy. please where did you buy the owl fabric...I know a certain person who might like it..TIA.
Julia ♥

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love all the show and tell Joy and you little quilt is just so cute..

Kerry said...

Your donation quilt is lovely, good on you and your group for doing such a lovely thing. I'm sure they are loved and appreciated.

Your fabrics for another runner are just gorgeous, I look forward to seeing it. So is that cat fabric!

Glad to hear your Mum is doing well

Sandi Butler said...

Glad to hear that your mum is recovering well after her surgery. Your quiltgroup has made lots of lovely quilts. It is wonderful that they can give quilts to the Neonatal ward too. Your bear quilt is very cute!
Have fun at the craft expo!

Jude said...

Hope your mum is 100% soon. The fabrics you bought look excellent and a pat on the back for the baby quilt. Are the quilts to be used for premmies or sadly for the little angels that dont survive?

Tozz said...

Good to hear your Mum is coming along well Joy and what a lot of lovely quilts to look at. You have got some gorgeous fabric to play with too :) hugs Vicki

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Quilts arranged like that make such a happy site. Best wishes to get well quickly to your mom.

Bec said...

I hope things continue to go well for your mum.
There must be some lovely quilt shows up your way, they always have lovely quilts at them!
The fabrics for your next sashiko project look very very, VERY nice!

Anonymous said...
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