Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy anniversary and stitching fun!!

I'm so lucky!! I'm married to my bestest friend, and he's such a sweety!! It was our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday and look what I got!!! and these .....Yuuuummmm!!!!!!!!! Hey ... whose been nibbling on my choccies??????Tee hee ......... yep, that would be me :o) LOL!!! He's so lovely to spoil me this way. Don't worry, I looked after him too ... I cooked a delicious special dinner for him last night - very tasty :o). And DD2 and I made sure he was well looked after on Fathers Day cos he deserved it :o)!!!
Got down to some serious stitching with my quilty friends today. We meet every Wednesday and it's always such fun!! Today we made these .....Then after they went home I got busy and made this one too...Hmmmm. Maybe my Stitcher's Angel swap partner might like one of these :o)!!!??!!

Cheers for now,

Joy :o)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the armchair caddies you made. Very cute. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Milah said...

Oh! What lovely flowers...and chocolate....yummy!

Are those little sewing projects arm chair pockets? They are really cute.