Friday, September 26, 2008

More zippers ... when will it end?????

So great to see so many of you leaving a comment for my "first blog giveaway"!!! I love reading about the strange things you keep in your handbags ... some of them are a real hoot!!! I'll be drawing a winner out of the hat on Sunday night so leave a comment on that post to be in it :o).

Oh Wow, look at me go!!! I've really got the hang of these zippers now, I even got to use one of my new pouches today :o). The circle one is done and it's just the right size for my hexies and all the bits and pieces I need to carry to make them, so I took it along to my craft group today. Yep, they were all very pleased for me - I really think I might be 'cured'. I'm going to make the heart shaped one next, then I'll have the full set LOL...... and then I might make one for one of my swap partners ..... who knows!! I have enough zippers to make lots ......... could it be that maybe I have a problem??? Nah ... no problem here ;o) he he.DH was busy again today - he's just getting so much done!!! His little retreat is almost finished, we just have to move the rest of the [junk] contents of the wardrobe back and dress up the walls a bit, then he can play his music in peace.He looks a bit chuffed in his part of the world :o). Good to see :o).
In the middle of redoing the ensuite now, not too much to do there though, thank goodness. Got a fabulous medicine cabinet for in there. Bought it off eBay a few months ago and I can't wait to see it up on the wall!!! Next we tackle the kitchen, gotta wrench the old stove out (well, what's left of it!!) and give everything a spruce up before the guys come next week to install my new bench and oven and cooktop ... bit excited about that!!! :o) :o)I think Sophie will hide in my bag until all the decorating is finished!!!
Take care,
Joy :o)

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