Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks Mr Postie :o)

I've had such a fun/busy few days ... haven't even blogged for you!! ... and isn't it funny, when I come to writing down what I've been up to ... it really doesn't sound like much at all LOL.

Firstly, I got some mail on Friday from the book depository. Very pleased with that!! I've been wanting this book since we got it in the library of the quilt group I go to and I didn't think they'd appreciate me renewing it over and over again, tee hee. It's got a wealth of information!!!My other fabulous mail came today ... it's my "Zipperphobia" pattern by Catherine Baynes. I bought it from Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt shop - wonderful service, so quick and friendly!! I can't wait to try it out ... believe me, I'm a shocker at zips - I'm hoping this is going to cure me :o). Fingers crossed !!!!Saturday was lovely ... I spent most of the day sewing!! DH and DD2 were both at work so I had the house to myself ...... aaaah, bliss ;o). I put those scrummy fabrics and braids that I bought at the show last week to good use. I've made a bag and I just love it!!! Very girly with lots of pockets and loads of room inside ... I should have the pattern written up in a day or two all being well. DH is on hols for the next month and of course DD2 has school hols too, so perhaps I'm being optomistic in saying that ... LOL. I think that might be a cue for my first blog giveaway!!! Watch this space :o). I must admit, I had a great deal of help in picking and choosing my braids and embellishments from my faithful kitty/CEO/quality control officer - Sophie. What would I do without her ... tee hee.Sunday we took my Mum and her friend Jill (from UK) for a drive to Toowoomba to see the Carnival of Flowers, and of course the Quiltfest. It runs for a few more days yet so if you haven't been and you're within reach, it's well worth the trip. The flowers were just spectacular and we were blessed with simply perfect weather. That's me on the left of the piccy below taking 1 of only 6 photos I was able to take on my little camera ....... dil that I am I had forgotten to put the memory card back in after I downloaded my other shots ... doh!!! Lucky DH had his with him.

The quilts were terrific too, ooohI just love quilt shows. DH was very patient and even came around and viewed the quilts with me ... what a honey ;o). As I write this he's busy sanding the walls in our spare bedroom ready to repaint. I'll save that for another post though!!

That's all for now ... take care,

Joy :o)

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