Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a hole in my kitchen ......

My kitchen looks very strange without the stove there. I was horrified when we took it out and saw what was underneath!!! I'm going to spare you the horror of those piccies ... in fact, I was so embarrassed I deleted them from my camera immediately!! Who was to know that cute little dust bunnies could evolve into what we found ..... yikes!!!???!!It's all nice and clean now and waiting for the new oven and cooktop to be installed ... but we have to wait until Friday. I really should have known, with my luck, when I was told it would be the 2nd week of the holidays - what they really meant was the VERY LAST DAY OF THE SECOND WEEK!!!!!!!!! So for now this is what I have ... not pretty, but only temporary. In the meantime, while my DH has been busy painting and decorating I have managed to get some stitching done ... yep, you guessed it, I've made (yet) another little zipper pouch, this one for a dear friend who needed cheering up - she loved it :o).
This of course has led to another addiction - I think it's in my personality LOL. I've started making cute little zipper-pulls!!! What fun!!!
The other thing I made was this tablerunner for DHs music room (aka the spare room), he loves it.
I made the blocks from a "Mix and Mingle" jellyroll and I have enough fabrics leftover to do a small lap-quilt perhaps. Hmmm, that's another day :o).
Talk soon, take care,
Joy :o)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ric Rac Roses Giveaway winners.......

Ok ... I'm a bit late ... sorry about that!!! Had to have an early night last night so that we could be up at 5am (eeek!!!) to take DS to the airport - and I forgot to do the draw before I went to beddy-bye. But .... it's happening right now!!!!
All of the entries are mixed up in my trusty thread catcher ............. and I draw two names out .......................... here they are.............The winners are ..... Sabine from Austria and Christine from Tassy!!!!!!!! Congratulations to both of you, please email me with your snail mail address and I'll get those patterns in the mail to you straight away. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared the weird and wonderful things in their handbags!! That was fun :o).
I'll be back later with piccies of what I've been sewing over the weekend.

Take care,

Joy :o)

Friday, September 26, 2008

More zippers ... when will it end?????

So great to see so many of you leaving a comment for my "first blog giveaway"!!! I love reading about the strange things you keep in your handbags ... some of them are a real hoot!!! I'll be drawing a winner out of the hat on Sunday night so leave a comment on that post to be in it :o).

Oh Wow, look at me go!!! I've really got the hang of these zippers now, I even got to use one of my new pouches today :o). The circle one is done and it's just the right size for my hexies and all the bits and pieces I need to carry to make them, so I took it along to my craft group today. Yep, they were all very pleased for me - I really think I might be 'cured'. I'm going to make the heart shaped one next, then I'll have the full set LOL...... and then I might make one for one of my swap partners ..... who knows!! I have enough zippers to make lots ......... could it be that maybe I have a problem??? Nah ... no problem here ;o) he he.DH was busy again today - he's just getting so much done!!! His little retreat is almost finished, we just have to move the rest of the [junk] contents of the wardrobe back and dress up the walls a bit, then he can play his music in peace.He looks a bit chuffed in his part of the world :o). Good to see :o).
In the middle of redoing the ensuite now, not too much to do there though, thank goodness. Got a fabulous medicine cabinet for in there. Bought it off eBay a few months ago and I can't wait to see it up on the wall!!! Next we tackle the kitchen, gotta wrench the old stove out (well, what's left of it!!) and give everything a spruce up before the guys come next week to install my new bench and oven and cooktop ... bit excited about that!!! :o) :o)I think Sophie will hide in my bag until all the decorating is finished!!!
Take care,
Joy :o)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Cured (I think) :o) ...

Nope, not the dreaded lurgie, in fact nothing sinister at all ...... I'm pretty sure I'm not zipperphobic any more!!! Look what I made ......Then I got to feeling really clever and tried the next one ....Today I'm going to make the circle ... then I'm going to have to shop for more zippers!!! Never thought I'd be doing that LOL. Guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas!!?!!? All thanks must go to Catherine at Willow Valley Store for her "Zipperphobia" pattern!!! Catherine you have another convert :o).
Don't forget my first giveaway on my previous post ...... what's in your handbag????? You have until Sunday to tell me :o).
Bye for now ... take care,
Joy :o)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My First Giveaway - Ric Rac and Roses!!!!!

Woohoo!!!! It's done :o)!!!
DH is still painting, DD2 has gone shopping which has left me to do pretty much what I pleased (almost) all day ..... so, I finished writing up my pattern. And to celebrate ... as promised .... I'm going to have a giveaway!!! My first blog giveaway ... how exciting!!! :o)
So here's the piccy of "Ric Rac and Roses"
... the base is circular and the bag stands about 12 1/2" (without the handles). There are 4 pockets on the outside and another larger pocket on the inside for your bits and bobs ... also space for your mobile phone and another for your sunglasses, or your ipod, or even another phone if you want ;o). I've stitched some cute hand dyed guipure lace motifs onto mine - just cos I love them and I also used some gorgeous ceramic buttons (that I bought at the Stitches and Craft show last year) on the pockets - which are also sporting some pretty cute ric rac braid chosen by Sophie (see previous post).
Ok, so let's make it fun. How about you tell me (and everyone else who visits my blog) what's the strangest thing you keep in your handbag/purse??? It really doesn't make any difference to the results of the giveaway cos I'll just be drawing the winners out of a hat, so you really don't have to tell if you don't want to.
I'll give away 2 "Ric Rac and Roses" patterns and I'll do the draw on Sunday night ... AND ... if you mention this giveaway on your blog and link it back to here I'll put your name in twice!!! Cool huh??
Ok, so go and tip out the contents of your handbag and get back to me :o).
Talk soon .... take care,
Joy :o)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks Mr Postie :o)

I've had such a fun/busy few days ... haven't even blogged for you!! ... and isn't it funny, when I come to writing down what I've been up to ... it really doesn't sound like much at all LOL.

Firstly, I got some mail on Friday from the book depository. Very pleased with that!! I've been wanting this book since we got it in the library of the quilt group I go to and I didn't think they'd appreciate me renewing it over and over again, tee hee. It's got a wealth of information!!!My other fabulous mail came today ... it's my "Zipperphobia" pattern by Catherine Baynes. I bought it from Karen at Mrs Martins Quilt shop - wonderful service, so quick and friendly!! I can't wait to try it out ... believe me, I'm a shocker at zips - I'm hoping this is going to cure me :o). Fingers crossed !!!!Saturday was lovely ... I spent most of the day sewing!! DH and DD2 were both at work so I had the house to myself ...... aaaah, bliss ;o). I put those scrummy fabrics and braids that I bought at the show last week to good use. I've made a bag and I just love it!!! Very girly with lots of pockets and loads of room inside ... I should have the pattern written up in a day or two all being well. DH is on hols for the next month and of course DD2 has school hols too, so perhaps I'm being optomistic in saying that ... LOL. I think that might be a cue for my first blog giveaway!!! Watch this space :o). I must admit, I had a great deal of help in picking and choosing my braids and embellishments from my faithful kitty/CEO/quality control officer - Sophie. What would I do without her ... tee hee.Sunday we took my Mum and her friend Jill (from UK) for a drive to Toowoomba to see the Carnival of Flowers, and of course the Quiltfest. It runs for a few more days yet so if you haven't been and you're within reach, it's well worth the trip. The flowers were just spectacular and we were blessed with simply perfect weather. That's me on the left of the piccy below taking 1 of only 6 photos I was able to take on my little camera ....... dil that I am I had forgotten to put the memory card back in after I downloaded my other shots ... doh!!! Lucky DH had his with him.

The quilts were terrific too, ooohI just love quilt shows. DH was very patient and even came around and viewed the quilts with me ... what a honey ;o). As I write this he's busy sanding the walls in our spare bedroom ready to repaint. I'll save that for another post though!!

That's all for now ... take care,

Joy :o)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today was a good day :o)

What a great start to the day!!! Okay, so the weather wasn't so crash hot ... in fact it was downright dull ... but for a brief moment the sun shone on my front porch!!! I love it when the mail-lady brings me a package. I've been waiting for this one that I bought on US Ebay a little over a week ago ;o). Look what I got ........ ain't it perty!!??!!This is Portabello Markets by Moda. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big fan of jelly rolls ........ okay, a HUGE fan LOL. But this time I've lashed out and bought a matching layer cake too - ooh I can't wait to play with these, I love the colours :o)!!
Well that was just the start of my day. I headed off to pick up my darling Mum and her friend Jill who's visiting from UK and we went up to Mt Tamborine for a bit of a stroll down Gallery Walk. This is what Mum and Jill spent most of their $$$ on - can't say I blame them LOL.
This is only part of the display at Granny Macs ... how would you choose??? Jill had one of everything that had Macadamia nuts in it!!! I grabbed some faves for DH (giant jaffas) and DD2 (sour straps).

Walked some more then had a yummy lunch up there and then found this fabulous shop - it's called Country on Tamborine.The lovely lady there ... Sylkie ... was kind enough to let me take a couple of piccies to show you all. Isn't it just fantastic!!?! I swear every time I turned around I found another thing I wanted to buy ... tee hee ... but I was good, this is what I bought ...
The items I bought were the pumpkin and the corn - perfect up there on my kitchen rack :o) and this cute little birdhouse ... just couldn't resist!!
I always love a visit to Mt Tamborine ... such a pretty place, so much to see. Gonna have to go back and see the rest another day.
Take care,
Joy :o)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stitching Chair

I just popped over to Leanne's House blog and she is doing a gorgeous new stitchery and has asked to see our favourite stitching chair. Well this is mine ... it's soft and oooh soooo comfy. The lamp is in the right spot and there's room for my overhead lamp too. I have the window behind me for light if I'm stitching during the day and the coffee table is just in front so that I can put my feet up - or grab my cuppa ;o)!!! Aaaah ....... luxury!!! :o) Goodness, and I just noticed I'm surrounded by Bronwyn Hayes stitchies ... how funny. It's not shown on the piccy but there's also a quilt from one of her patterns on the wall too ........ LOL, doyathink I'm a fan????? :o)
I'm looking forward to seeing where other stitchers like to sew :o).

Take care ....

Joy :o)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christmas Giveaway

OOH!! I just found a fabulous Christmas giveaway here. Go and have a look and say Hi to Narelle at "The Noble Wife"!! Fabulous prizes!!! :o)

Uh Ohhh...

He he ... I went back to the show!!! I got some yummy fabrics and some delicious ric racs ... yes, some more ;o)!!!
... aren't they absolutely scrummy!!??! I can feel a bag coming on ... and a polka dot & rick rack swap pressie (shhh, it's a secret)!!!! I think I did very well ... who could resist these gorgeous displays???? .....
Buttons & Bows - Hi Chris!!!! Country Quilt Co. - Hi Suzanne!!!Quilt Essentials - Helloooooo ...... where's Claudia????

... And this is the display from the Star Sea Quilt group ... that's the group I go to every Monday!!! ...... Hi Margrit :o)!!! Hi Rayna :o) !!!

Lucky I managed to get there early before the rush :o). Now I'm getting excited for the October show!!!
Take care ......
Joy :o)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Redlands Spring Quilt Show Fun!!!

Went to the Redlands Quilt show yesterday ... lots of fabulous quilts on show, soooo much talent!!! I always come out of those shows totally awestruck and realising how much I still have to learn. I was a bit chuffed to see that someone had entered a wallhanging from one of my patterns though :o). It's not a great shot as I didn't have my trusty camera with me and I had to take the piccy on my phone!!! It was beautifully made by Genevieve Hilton.There were some stalls with stuff to buy so I had to get me some treasures!!! I found these and thought they'd be fabulous for my polka dot/ric rac swap pressy. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to make yet, but these were irresistable!!!
Here's a pic of the wall hanging that got a first prize!!! Impressive :o)!!! It's by Jenny Williams and she goes to the same quilt group as me so I was so happy for her!!!

Well I'm going to be very naughty and pop back to the show again this morning. DH took me yesterday and I spotted a few things I might like to buy but I didn't get them and as he's off to his Motor Bike riding lesson this morning - now's my chance ... tee hee ;o).

Take care,
Joy :o)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy anniversary and stitching fun!!

I'm so lucky!! I'm married to my bestest friend, and he's such a sweety!! It was our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday and look what I got!!! and these .....Yuuuummmm!!!!!!!!! Hey ... whose been nibbling on my choccies??????Tee hee ......... yep, that would be me :o) LOL!!! He's so lovely to spoil me this way. Don't worry, I looked after him too ... I cooked a delicious special dinner for him last night - very tasty :o). And DD2 and I made sure he was well looked after on Fathers Day cos he deserved it :o)!!!
Got down to some serious stitching with my quilty friends today. We meet every Wednesday and it's always such fun!! Today we made these .....Then after they went home I got busy and made this one too...Hmmmm. Maybe my Stitcher's Angel swap partner might like one of these :o)!!!??!!

Cheers for now,

Joy :o)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Polka Dot and Rick Rack swap

I couldn't resist it ... 'polka dots and rick rack' sounded so appealing that I just had to join in this swap here!! How fun, I wonder who my secret partner will be ;o).

Monday, September 8, 2008


I was chuffed to bits to find this in the mailbox when I got home from my quilting group today!!!
It's all the way from NORWAY!!! And I think (hope) it might be from my Stitcher's Angel!!??!!!

Oh it is!! It is!!! How fabulous :o). What lovely pressies I have. I have a selection of the sweetest buttons, a handmade brooch and a most wonderful needlecase. The stitching on the little needlecase is exquisite!!! If you could only see how teeny tiny the stitches are. Such beautiful work. And when I turned this delightful piece over ... there's me!!!! In the teeniest tiniest chain stitch is my name :o). My Angel is so clever!!! Thank you soooo much, I'm simply delighted.

I've finished making my first Stitcher's Angel gift and I'll be posting it tomorrow, it's going via Air Mail, but that's all I'm saying ;o). This is such fun!!!


Joy :o)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 4th day of Spring!!!

I had the best of intentions of writing a post on the first day of Spring ......... well, happy 4th day of Spring he he :o)!!
We have had the very best news ... our DS Ross has just announced his engagement to his gorgeous girl Alicia!!! We couldn't be happier. They are a beautiful couple, so very special in so many ways, they truly belong together - what fabulous news!!! They are on holidays at the moment, down the coast, so I haven't even been able to give them a HUGE hug. But they're back on Saturday and we can't wait to see them. I'll get some piccies then hopefully, but until then here's a chuckle for you ... this is when DH and I got married {{OMG we're so YOUNG - and thin!!!}}. Waddyathink?????? Oh my, where did the years go???I've been out galavanting again. This time up to the north Sunshine coast. The countryside was so beautiful, what a lovely drive.
Drove along Steve Irwin Way ....
Saw Mt Tibrogargan
Up to Maleny

and north as far as Maroochydore. Got to meet some super people again - that's the best part of my job!!! Popped into Totally Patchwork at Palmwoods (among many other gorgeous stores) and simply couldn't resist this pattern called Rebel by Angels in Disguise .... knowing my passion for hexies LOL!! Can't wait to start it .....
Wasn't I a good girl!!??! That's all I bought ;o)!!! Of course, now I have to buy fabrics for this - tee hee ...... I've really only delayed the inevitable LOL.

I've also been working on this with my dear friend Valerie, I'll need to catch up today cos I think she's a bit ahead of me ;o)And these are the pretties I've picked out for my Secret Angel project for my 'mortal' in the Northern Hemisphere ......... that's the first clue ... vague I know, but that's it for now :o).
I'm off ..... I have an appointment with my sewing machine :o)!!!

Take care,

Joy :o)