Monday, August 31, 2009

An Award!!! Rosewood Quilt show and 2nd Honeycomb Quilt

I got a terrific surprise last week when I read Carole's blog - she gave me this lovely award!!! Thank you so much Carole, I'm chuffed to bits :o)!!!I am supposed to list 5 obsessions, and 5 blogs I would like to pass this onto.
5 obsessions:-
1. My family .... no surprises there, they're just the light of my life!!!
2. Sewing .... I guess that's no surprise either LOLOL
3. Reading, particularly quilty style novels.
4. Chocolate and Coffee - not necessarily together - but I love both ;o).
5. Blogging - of course, that's how I got to "meet" all of you lovely bloggers!!! I just LOVE the blogging community :o)!!
Okay, now I'm supposed to choose 5 blogs to send this award to and I'm afraid that's just too hard!!! I have so many blogs on my sidebar and I love to read all of them ... so if you're on my sidebar please feel free to take this award too, because I believe you're all "fabulous blogs" :o)!!!
I've been making a bit of progress on my second Honeycomb quilt. I'm really loving these Beach House fabrics, the colours are divine!!! Here's how they're shaping up so far - still a long way to go ;o).........
I had the best time at Rosewood Quilt Show on Sunday ... I was surprised at how many quilts and other gorgeous stitchy items there were!!! It really was a pleasure to see all the wonderful talent on show .........
The pic above is about a quarter of what there was to see there!! I just fell in love with this adorable little teapot, isn't it absolutely fabulous???!!!!!

I couldn't resist taking a piccy of this old fashioned covered button maker with the old treadle sewing machine ...

There was also lots of places to spend your quilty $$$$$ ... I found gorgeous Cath there with her fabulous designs and wonderful wooden products. We had a lovely natter and it was really terrific to catch up with her again!!! Hi Cath :o)!!!!!
Of course, I couldn't resist buying some goodies myself ... don't you just love the "Herman Munster" style lunch pail he he he??? It had the cutest pincushion and spool holder in it along with 6 of Cath's stitchery designs and fabric to stitch them on!!! I also bought a "Jennifer Ann" pattern from Cath, soooo cute, she comes with her own stand and painted "suitcase" - and I might use the pretty brown fatties and binding (also from Cath!!) for a tablerunner, I haven't decided yet!!
Hope you all had a great weekend too .......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My DH the bikie ;o)!!!

Ok, not quite he he he ..... but he did go off on the weekend for a ride with the Ulysses group out to Rathdowney to an Olive Farm ... a total of about 230km for the round trip, that's quite a lot on his little bike!! He had a fabulous time!! Here's where they all met up at our local McDonalds....... I can imagine poor families pulling into the carpark and pulling right out again thinking they might be real 'bikies'. The thing is, you have to be over 50 to even be a member of this group (DH just scrapes in - I on the other hand will have to wait a little while before I can apply LOL). They're a great bunch of people who just like to ride bikes. They do a lot of community and charity work too. I couldn't get all the bikes in ... I'm guessing there were about 30 something or so there, and they picked up a few more as they travelled along ;o) ............
Here's my beaming DH on his shiny bike. You can't see it under that helmet but I just KNOW he's grinning from ear to ear. He just LOVES riding that thing!!! He's already planning the next (bigger) bike - eeeek!!!
Of course while he was off on his little jaunt - that left me at home alone. Jess (DD2) had also gone off with friends, and what's a girl to do when she's home alone??? Sew of course LOL. I managed to finish this "Peter Rabbit" quilt that I've had on the go between other things for a couple of weeks now. It's a real easy quilt as you go pattern using fat quarters - 6 for the front and 6 for the back. This is the front ............
and this is the back ............ Then when DH got home we took a picnic basket down to the bay and just relaxed in the beautiful sunshine. We really should have taken this pic from the other side then you would have seen the gorgeous Moreton Bay and the Bay islands in the background instead of the carpark LOL.
So hard to believe it's still Winter!!! We've been having the most incredible weather ... it was 33 yesterday and 35 the day before!!!

When we got home from the shops on Monday afternoon DD2 wandered down to the road (I must admit I wondered what she was doing) ... and she came back with this little fellow!! Poor thing had been hit by a car. We couldn't see any apparent injury and it looked pretty stunned so we took care of him/her for the evening with the intention of taking it to the vet the next day if there was no improvement .....
Well the next morning I went to check on birdy and he/she was sitting beside the box we had put him/her in for the night (clearly not secure enough [[ooops]] lol) and when it saw me it took flight. So I'm hoping the little cutey is ok now, I'm guessing since it flew on it's merry way that it's going to be just fine :o). Isn't he/she a pretty birdy!!?!?
I'm off stitching with friends today... have a great day ......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Honeycomb piccies!!!

Okay .... sorry about the daggy clothes line piccies ..... but I wanted to show you the quilt and since it was such a glorious day outside I thought I'd take it out to the back yard to photograph it. Well, it's morning and the grass is still dewey so the clothes line it is ........and on the fence ..... I think I prefer it on the fence ;o) .......Do you like the ric rac in the binding??? The border fabric was much darker than I'd envisaged when I ordered it and I think the ric rac lightens it up really well - it gives it a bit of a lift ;o). I also cut off the corners of the quilt to tie in with the shape of the blocks ...... This was such a fun quilt to make ... and there are just 2 different blocks mirror image of each other!!! And being quilt-as-you-go it's also reversible, which meant I could use up some fabrics from my stash for the backing.
I'm really pleased with how it's turned out ... and I'm making another one now in more subtle tones from the "Beach House" range by Moda..... they're soooo delish!!!
I still haven't written up the pattern yet.... but when I do there will definitely be a giveaway ;o)!!!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend .... the weather here in Brissy is promising to be magnificent!!! We've been promised 30 degrees C ... and it's STILL WINTER!!!! Love it :o)!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that ...........

I finally finished this quilt - I'd been waiting for the ric rac to go with the binding. I really should be writing up the pattern rather than playing on my blog lol ... but I thought you might like to see what else I've been up to ;o). I'll show you a better pic of the quilt once I've written it up ... and of course there will have to be a giveaway too!!! But here's a sneaky peak for now ............ I love those Wildflower Serenade fabrics :o)!!! The lighter beige floral fabric on the left is actually the backing, the quilt is all folded up - I was being lazy ;o).
This little man was made by my friend Lynn when she and Valerie and I got together yesterday ... isn't he just so cute!!?! He's called Boyd (short for Boy Doll lol) .....And here's the one I made ... she'll be a birthday gift for someone soon ;o). I'm not telling who, just in case she reads my blog!!We had such a fun day yesterday. I'll post a piccy of Valierie's doll when it's finished too ;o).
DH went outside to do some gardening yesterday afternoon and he came in and gave me this from our garden. The roses are (over)due to be pruned but there are still so many gorgeous blooms and buds that we can't bear to cut them up yet. This one is called "Blue Moon".
I got some FABULOUS mail too!!! I got a bonus prize in Terry's giveaway not so long ago and she sent me 2 gorgeous fat quarters and some matching DMC threads. Thank you so much Terry, what a lovely surprise :o)!!!!
I also got this parcel in the mail. I couldn't for the life of me think who would be sending me anything via Swiss Mail (???) .....
So I opened it up and it turned out to be some fabrics I ordered from US a couple of weeks ago!!! Mmmmmm, fabricky yummy goodness.
It's all from the Collection for a Cause range in "Legacy" by Moda. It's just delish!!! I got a total of 12 yards of various florals and blenders ......
and the jelly roll .............. yuuuummmm :o)!!!
But wait, there's more!!! He he ... should I be telling you about steak knives right now??? He he ... no, just more quilty mail!!! I've been after this book for a while and I finally bought it. It's terrific, I've read all the Jennifer Chaverini books to date and I enjoyed them so much :o).
You never know, one day I might get around to making one of these gorgeous quilts ;o).
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I've been a bad blogger!!!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last did a post!!! I've been reading and enjoying everyone elses blogs but haven't managed to do a post on mine until now!! This will be a bit of a disjointed post jumping from one subject to another but I would really like to share these pics with you :o).

I have been busy stitching .... I've almost finished another of my "Slice 'n' Dice" quilts - this time in sweet Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit fabrics - so cute. I just have the side borders to put on then I can bind it :o) - I'll show you more when it's finished.
After reading Lurline's post with a pic of her gorgeous camelias I decided I should cut some of mine and bring them inside to enjoy too :o) ........... I think they're gorgeous. I can't remember the name of this one so please don't ask me, all I know is it's a double ;o). It's like a rose it's so beautiful!

We all went out for dinner last Thursday night for darling DILs birthday. The pub we went to very kindly brought out a cheesecake for her (on the house!!) and this is the knife they gave her to cut it ............!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!???????? (Can you see my DS reflection in the knife??!!) For the life of me I can't imagine why they thought we'd need a knife THAT big to slice a little old cheesecake!!

Here's a happy snap of Ross and Alicia taken on her birthday - (do you know they've been married for 6 months already!??!!) ..............
And here's what they looked like when they went to a fancy dress party last Saturday night. Ross (DS) was mild mannered Clark Kent and Alicia (DDIL) was Rainbow Bright (do you remember that cartoon from the 80's???) ........ don't they look fabulous lol - even Skye (aka Poops) got into the piccy :o)!!!!

We went for a drive out to Beechmont this morning - it was such a beautiful day and a gorgeous drive through the bush and past lots of lovely farms to get there.
We stopped at the Beechmont markets on the way to our friend's housewarming and bought these yummy treats ...........
Strawberry Jam cookies, Banana muffins and an apple and blackberry pie. We bought custard and cream on the way home so that will be our delicious dessert :o).
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's an Art Attack!!!

There are probably not many who'd know what I'm talking about when I say "Art Attack" ... it was an English tv show that DD2 used to really love when she was younger. And that's exactly what she and her friend Nadia had on the weekend ... an art attack!!! Nadia came over in a pair of jeans that she'd been painting in - with cute coloured handprints on them. Now they have much more on them since Jess (DD2) attacked them with her coloured Sharpies!!! Don't they look fabulous!!!??!! Here's the front ...... and the back ............
I think perhaps these girls were born about 30 years too late, I'm sure they would have been hippies LOL .......
How cute are the footprints!!!?!!
Of course, like any 'artist' - Jess has signed her work ..... most modestly of course (NOT!!!!) LOLOL .............
Just in case Nadia forgets what this pocket is for..............
While the girls were busy with their artwork I got to making another Annie :o)!! Well, I know I was supposed to be finishing my Wildflower Serenade quilt, but I'm waiting for some ric rac so it's on hold for now ... and I didn't want to start another quilt so I made this ...............
This is Molly and we're keeping her, she'll be a friend for Phoebe :o) .......
I used the same pattern from Raggedy Old Annies again, it's easy peasy to follow.

Sunday DH and I went to the Ekka ... the Exhibition, Brissy's big show of the year. We had a fabulous time. We didn't visit sideshow alley ... I'm just NO good on the rides he he he, but here's the view from the chair lift. I was sooooo nervous, I don't do heights well and I was hanging on for dear life, but we had to go on it as it's the last year it will be there. The Ekka next year will be completely different as there are lots of changes coming in the coming year.
Loved seeing all the animals ... isn't this big guy just amazing!!!??! Sorry about the blurry piccy :o/ ......
Of course the Ekka wouldn't be the same without the dollies and bears :o) .....
Came home with a couple of showbags for DD2 - she couldn't come with us because she was working. Maybe next year.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!!