Saturday, December 31, 2011

SSCS Gifties

What an absolutely delighted blogger I was when I opened my simply GAWJUS gifties from Laura at “3 Doodles and a Dog”!!!  Fabulous PINK pins, a sweet gingerbread man drawstring bag, vintage buttons and the most adorable pin-cushion!!December 2011 173 And I wasn’t the only one who loved it all….. Sophie was pretty impressed too, she sees herself here lol. December 2011 079I’m totally chuffed that Laura has taken the time and trouble to applique my furry kids – Sophie and Bundy - onto this fabulous pincushion!!! SO special!!!December 2011 174 Thank you so much Laura ….. I really love it all.

Now that all the SSCS pressies have been opened I can show you what I sent to my swap partner - Kerstin in Germany. November 2011 124 I had such fun making this bag for her … I checked out her blog and saw that she liked owls, so this fabric was perfect for her Doctor Bag as it has little blue owls on it :o).

Thank you so much Chooky, once again you’ve proved yourself to be a super swap Mama :o)!!!!

And thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my dear dear blogging friends who thought of me this Christmas – Fee , Vicki, DawnJenny and Maria………

… I love you all to bits and pieces :o)!!! Oh, and I might add that there were also various delicious tasting and smelling goodies accompanying these handmade gifties too – YUMM :o). Thanks my gawjus friends :o)!!!!

Before I go …. I’d like to wish you all a most wonderful and fabulous 2012. May it bring you happiness and love and good health.

Seeya next year!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

To all of my dear blogging friends ... I hope you have a most wonderful Christmas !!
Here's some of the things we'll be munching on tomorrow ;o)
and probably some of these cute melting snowmen too ...

Not to mention the Turkey and roast pork :o) ... yummmm!!!

Christmas Blessings to you all!!!

And please take extra care if you have to travel.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Take 3 ….

As you can tell by the title of this post – it’s not the first time I’ve tried to write it lol. I keep getting waylaid and distracted, but 3rd time lucky they say – well, it will be if you get to see this he he he.
I’ve been a busy beaver – I won’t bore you with the details as most of it is mundane day to day sort of stuff, but there was a fair bit of stitching involved too :o). Wanna see?????
Some Chrissy stuff ……..
The tree stitchery became this …December 2011 047 Some Maverick stars (and I’ve got quite a lot more of these to do too)… December 2011 026 Some gifties which I can’t show you yet as (hopefully) they are still sitting under various trees around the place ;o). But I can show you the progress on this one, it’s for my gawjus DIL’s Mum Rae for Christmas. Rae doesn’t read my blog so I think I’m safe to show you :o) …December 2011 055 I still have some hand sewing to do as it’s quilt-as-you-go and I’m still stitching down the back sashings, then it’s the binding … then I’m done :o).
I’m chuffed to bits with this quilt, it’s from a book called Pieced Applique’ by Penny Haren.
I’ve got another of her books with a different quilt in it and I think I’ll be doing that one too, perhaps for myself. It’s really fun to make these blocks :o).
Oh, and more show and tell – my SSCS parcel arrived from Laura all the way from US!! I’m utterly delighted with my adorable little owl…December 2011 040 and I’m telling you right now she won’t be packed away with the Christmas deccies, she’s gonna hang around in my cave and keep me company :o). I haven’t opened the other pressie yet … December 2011 042 Bear won’t let me!!! I’m being a good girl :o). Thank you so much Laura – the “wrapping” is a gift in itself and I can’t wait to see what’s inside!!! Love it :o)!!
Speaking of wrapping … I’d better be off and wrap some of those Chrissie pressies hiding under my bed!! Oh, and do some Christmas baking too – YUMMM …