Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joy’s Cave …… Enter at own risk!!!

Hello everyone, oh it’s nice to be back – I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I last posted - eeek!!!! I’ve been in my little cave sewing up a storm. This sign has never been more appropriate lol…March 11 110 Nikki made this for me and I LOVE it ;o)!!!
Wanna see what I’ve been up to???
Well I’m going to show you anyway :o). I wanted to do this post today so that I could add these goodies to my March OPAM list ;o). No flies on me LOL.
This gawjus quilt will be off to The Quilters Shack in Bundaberg very shortly – as soon as I get her ‘Honeybun Fun’ friends made up too ;o)…
that’s the front of the quilt on the left, and the back on the right. It’s made from my “Slice ‘n’ Dice” pattern, a quilt-as-you-go reversible quilt made with fat 1/4s. It’s one of my fave designs and I just LOVE it in these pretty Mary Rose beauties that Sue-Ellen sent for me to make it in – yumm!!! I’ll be teaching at Quilters Shack in June so if you’d like to learn my quilt-as-you-go methods give them a call :o). This is what you’d make in the class…March 11 093and it’s another March finish for me WooHoo :o)!!!
Here’s a couple more March finishes…
Another version of my “Pack Up Your Troubles” bag in Simple Abundance fabrics – this is the 3rd one I’ve made of this bag :o). Now you can probably see that I haven’t yet stitched the buttons onto the yo yo flowers, but they’re going on this afternoon so I’m including it anyway ;o).
this new version of my “Beach Tote” done in pretty batiks.
Phew …. I sure have kept my Rosie busy this month, and she’s handled it all like a real trooper :o).
I’m off to do more stitching … I bet poor Rosie is shaking in her boots LOL!!!!! Before I go though I just want to remind you all to pop over to visit my sweet friend Vicki’s new website ‘The Pickledish Patch’….Vicki\(click on the piccy for the link) She’s got loads of fabulous goodies in there, I’ve got my order in already!!! Pop in and have a look :o).
I hope you’ve had a productive month too!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Everything’s coming up roses!!

It’s just occurred to me that much of my sewing of late has been very ‘rosy’!!! Here’s a birthday pressie I made for a dear friend (I can show you now cos I know she’s received it) ;o) …314) Sewing cushion for Jen this is a stitcher’s cushion, you have it on your lap to rest your hands on while you’re stitching. The pattern is “Sewing Accessories” by Sue Daley and it was easy to make … lots of lovely hand-stitching done while watching the tele in the evenings. (no machine necessary for this one!!) :o).
These blocks are also from a Sue Daley pattern “It Takes Two”March 11 040 there’s also a cute daisy to be applique’d in the middle. For this one I’m using a most delicious “Antique Roses” jelly roll that I bought ages ago. I’m really enjoying this one :o).
Lastly I’ve done some blocks for a sample quilt that I’m doing for Quilter’s Shack in Bundaberg. Sue Ellen has sent down the most scrumptious “Mary Rose” fabrics – I’m in Heaven working with these ….March 11 042 I’m making my “Slice ‘n’ Dice” quilt as you go quilt, it’s a nice easy one - and I just love how it’s coming together!!
Have you managed to get some stitching done this week ;o)?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where’s Jenny Hoot off to???

2012Jenny Hoot’s had a very busy weekend, so now she’s all packed up and ready to go!!!

But where’s she off to now????

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a fabulous weekend!!!

Well what a weekend it was …  never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that it would have been as fabulous as it was. We had SUCH FUN!!!!! As most of you might know, we shopped til we dropped … and as you can see “Jenny Hoot” was with us every step of the way!!!
Thanks for looking after our DELISH morning tea Jen LOL. Weren’t the girls at my local patchwork store such sweeties to do this for us!!! Must get that recipe from you too Maria :o)!!!!! YUMM!!!!
Friday night saw us enjoying more yummy food – we all went to a local Italian restaurant “Elios”…
look at the size of that Tiramisu!!! I’m ashamed to say I didn’t manage to finish it …. although I really did try ;o)!!!
We were all a bit worried on Saturday as the weather had turned quite soggy (to say the least) and the wind was blowing madly too – so to Plan B it was and we all met up at the Grand View pub and enjoyed their coffee and shelter in the pretty pergola :o).
It was just so wonderful to meet you all … and finally give you a hug in person after blogging and emailing you all for so long :o)!!
Saturday night was our last night together and we all gathered back at my little patch to sort some more “New Beginnings” kits …. oh my goodness how generous everyone has been!!! At last count there were 260 kits ready to take out to Qld Quilters … and I reckon we’ll probably hit 300 as there are still some ready to be boxed up!!! As you can see … Jenny Hoot was a HUGE help LOL!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who sent kits and goodies for our New Beginnings …… there are going to be a lot of stitchers blessed by your generosity :o)!!
Sunday morning and it was time for our first “Gathering of the Nutters” to end **sniff**. Of course, a bit of last minute shopping at the airport was in order… 
And look what we found at the newsagent!!! Both Fee and Vicki are gracing the pages of this month’s P&S …
had to get a piccie of the superstars with their mag :o)!! Fee even made the cover – well, her gawjus cushion did lol!!!
So now it’s back to normal again around here …. must say I’m missing my gawjus Nutter sistas already, and I can’t wait for our planned retreat in Tassie next year – WOOHOO!!! We’ll have more details on that soon. What fun it will be, you’ll be able to join us too!!!
Hope you had a terrific weekend too!!!!!!