Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh these are cute!!

Even if I do say so ….. they really are he he. Look what I’ve been stitching - lots of “Colour n Carry”s!!!This is the kids’ version of my “Dear Diary” pattern!!!April 2012 126I’ve had a blast playing with all of these gawjus kids’ fabrics, I just want to make more and more LOL!! This is a little carry case that littlies can use to carry their colouring book (or books) and pencils and textas, and keep them all together. Just open it all up and start colouring … or puzzling … or dot-to-dotting!!!!
I’ve made some for the Boys…
And some for the Girls…
And one for either ;o)…
Some have ruffles, some have ric rac … and all are great fun and super easy to make :o).
Of course, this means there has to be A GIVEAWAY – YAY!!! Oh I LOVE giveaways :D!!
Each winner will win a copy of the pattern so they can make their own “Colour N Carry” :o).
Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll draw 3 names (using our friendly ‘random number generator’) next Sunday night – that’s the 6th May, at about 8pm Brisbane time.
Easy peasy ……. but please only leave one comment per person :o).
I’d better be off … I’ve got some pattern writing to do ;o).

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A little bit of retail therapy :o)

I finally got to call in to my local patchwork store yesterday … after over a week’s absence!!! Yep, that’s how it’s been around here lately, I’ve hardly even had time to shop lol!!!
Here’s what I bought … some more Pam Kitty goodness…April 2012 083 …… oh and zips and trims and ribbons and even cute little scissor buttons – a bit hard to see them, they’re on the blue fabric on the left.  I think that blue floral one is my fave from the Pam Kitty range. Well, today anyway lol.
I also bought some pretties on my travels last week. One of the fabulous shops I called in to was Patchwork Angel … I just couldn’t resist these fabrics…April 2012 084I’m working on a kids’ version of my “Dear Diary” pattern and I fell in love with these.
What are you working on??
Have a fabulous weekend, I’m off to sew :o).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well it’s about time!!!

It’s been over a month!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I blogged!! So what have I been up to??? Well grab a cuppa cos this might be a long post lol!!!
TASSIE :D!!        Oh we had a blast!! Old friends revisited and new friends made. Such a fabulous weekend and I can’t wait til the next time!!  Here’s the set up for the retreat sewing day, doesn’t it look pretty!!??!Tassie Trip 2012 526We had so many wonderful goodies in those pink and blue bags!! Here’s all the gawjus ladies for the group shot…Tassie Trip 2012 546We also had loads of fun before our big sewing day. Our hilarious “Left/Right” game brought to us by the gawjus Dawnie, we laughed and laughed!!  Everyone concentrating on what Dawnie is saying ....Tassie Trip 2012 486I just noticed I’m looking particularly flash there in the rather elegant rubber gloves I’d won earlier and my very bestest slippers. Oh dear lol. My DH very kindly took that shot, … he was the only man there for the weekend, I think he quite enjoyed himself lol…Tassie Trip 2012 442Yep, he’s looking pretty happy he he he. That’s Fee and Michelle making him smile lol. We really did have a most incredible time, I can’t wait for next year in Adelaide! Want to come to?? We’d love to have you along :o). When we got home Bear’s little dog ‘Doug’ very kindly helped us to open the mail … isn’t he a sweet little helper he he…April 2012 008
Moving along ......... I was in a super-fun Easter swap run by Maree. Here’s what I sent to my partner Carol …

And here’s what I received from my lovely partner Peg, look how beautifully it’s wrapped :o)!! April 2012 009
April 2012 073
Aren’t they all beautiful!!! I should add that there was also chocolate in the package which for some reason (he he he) didn’t make it to the photo-shoot ;o). Thanks again Peg, I love it all :o)!! And huge big thanks to Maree for organising it all for us too :D!!!

Before I go I’ll show you a couple of new patterns that I’ve released this month …

“Coming up Roses” on the left is a cute pleated front bag with a zipper to close it and a pocket on front that closes with a magnetic clip - very soft and feminine in the pink and white but would look fabulous in orientals to don't you thing??? And “Sweet Ensuite” from “Let’s get Stitched in Tassie” - a great bathroom set - and the towel topper is removable so you can have several towels to pop in it and just remove them to wash them. Easy peasy ;o). If you’d like either of these patterns check out my Where to buy JoyPatch patterns page :o) . Oh, and here’s a sneaky peek at what I’m working on now, I love it!!!!
April 2012 075 Sorry, that’s all I can show you for now ;o).
I’ll try not to leave it so long between posts next time ;o), til then …