Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a short one today :o)

I went to my quilt group today ..... it's our birthday!!! Star Sea Quilters is 2 years old today. Yay for us :o). We even had cake ..... We always have show and tell ... and this week Teresa (no blog) brought along a quilt that she made for her Dad in Tasmania. A year or so ago we had a lot of upholstery fabric samples given to us and I must admit to wondering what anyone could do with them ..... well, here's what can be done!!!
Isn't it just fabulous!! It's backed in flannel and tied instead of quilted - it's lovely and cosy, and so perfect for a man don't you think??
There were stickers on the back of most of the pieces, with the name and logo etc. of the manufacturer ... and Teresa painstakingly removed every little bit off them - some stubborn ones had to be soaked off. Looking at this I'd say it was worth the trouble. I just love it :o).
I'm still working on my 2nd Dragonflight - more piccies when I get further along on it.

Talk soon ........

Friday, June 26, 2009

Still at it :o)!!

I'm still working on my Decadent Victorians for another Dragonflight quilt, got another couple of strips done .... and I'm starting on the cute little dragonflies ...... do you like the colours???
Sophie has been keeping guard for me .... I think she's sleeping on the job LOLOL!!!
I got these posted yesterday too ...... well, two of them, one to Vicky and one to Bec - they're the prizes from my Dragonflight giveaway.
Gail from Miss~Nance - please email me with your snail mail address so I can send yours too :o)!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here's what I'm up to now :o).

Before I show you what I'm working on now ... this first piccy is for Peg - Hi Peg :o). I promised her I show the Tilda stitchery I did a while ago - so here it is :o). I've got another one of these the same that I'd like to stitch up as a gift. I'm sorry, it's not the best piccy, I tried to tart it up a bit, but it's taken with the flash so there's only so much I can do lol. It's stitched in a variegated 'threadworx' stranded cotton that went from lilacs to greens - gorgeous. I love threadworx threads, they're really lovely to work with - but I was recently told that it's a good idea to rinse them before using as they tend to run. Eeeek - Ididn't know that when I stitched this!!!. I just love Tilda stuff ;o)!!!
Now here's my CEO Sophie, we've (she's) just picked out the fabric for my next project. It's 'Decadent Victorian' by Moda and I just LOVE the rich colours in this range. I bought it ages ago off eBay because I simply couldn't resist!!! It's not one I've seen a lot of - I'm really pleased with how it's coming together so far. I'm making another "Dragonflight" and I want it to look completely different from the original ....... I think that's pretty certain LOL. Oh I just love these colours!!!Finally some not so stitchy news ... I'm typing up my blog posts a lot quicker now ... I've got a new keyboard and mouse!!! The last one was ok but a few of the keys were sticking - to be honest the darn thing is probably chokkas with threads and dust as it lives on my cutting table LOL. But this new one is a bit ergonomic - and it makes it very easy to type. Love it :o).
Talk soon ........

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beenleigh Show (and tell) ;o)

Finally yesterday I got to meet Julie after emailing each other for about 2 years, and even though we only live about 1 hour apart we'd never got together before!! I knew we'd get along ... and we did, sooo well :o)!! We had a lovely time at the show!! Lots of gorgeous quilts ... sorry, not one pic of any of them!! Julie got a piccy of one beautiful quilt, but my piccies are of the goodies that were for sale. He he he, now who's that on the far left hmmm????? LOLOL
Hello Julie LOL!!!
This was the R&R timbergoods stall, I love their stuff!!

And do you remember the gorgeous shelf I got not so long ago for my rulers?? Well I found them at Beenleigh too!! I got talking to the lovely lady on this stall and found out it's her husband that made it. Not only that, but she's one of the very talented ladies behind "Angels in Disguise", and she was the very clever thing that drew the gorgeous Angels in my Rebel quilt - that I STILL haven't finished eeeek ;o)!!
Hi Cath :o)!!!!Sorry, the pics I've taken are a bit "Where's Wally", but I think you can see her hiding in amongst all the gorgeous goodies. I'm trying to make up my mind whether I want to join her Raggy Annies Club or her Teddies club ... go and visit Cath on her blog, I know you'll love it - there are some gorgeous free stitcheries there too :o).
Margaret from one of my very favourite Patchwork shops was there too ... Bayside Stitchcraft ... I took a piccy of her gorgeous stand too ... that's Margaret smiling, at the back on the right. I'll be visiting her shop at Cleveland tomorrow after my quilting group for sure :o). I'm so lucky the store is so close to where I live!!! I can't wait to take Julie there too, she's just going to love it :o).AND ... do you love my beautiful scarf???? Julie bought this for me ... we both have one the same :o). I just love it!!! Thank you dear Julie, you're such a sweety!! The little rosette was a gift as we entered the quilt show, what a nice idea that was.Here's another way to wear it .... he he, I'm now a scarf model lol.

I love scarves :o).
I'm so looking forward to meeting up with Julie again, we had such a lovely time .... I'm sure it won't be so long til our next get together.
Oh, and Peg, I didn't forget about the tilda stitchery, I'll post a piccy for you on my next post, promise ;o)!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We have a winner ... in fact, we have 3!!!!!

I closed the giveaway with over 130 comments!!! Wow, that's fabulous, thank you all so much for taking part in my giveaway!!!

As promised all the comments were printed and cut up the old fashioned way and placed into a bucket .... ok, not a bucket ... this rather gorgeous box that some of you might remember I got on a particularly good sale :o) ......
My rather hairy 'barrel girl' he he ..... ok, not a barrel girl LOL, my DH did the honours for me and mixed up all the entries ......
Then he dipped in and ...... drumroll please ......................................
out came winner number 1 ..... Miss Nance!!!!!
Next we have winner number 2 ...... Bec!!!!!!
And lucky last ... winner number 3 is ..... Tozz!!!!!!!So there are our 3 winners I'm going to email them now so that I can get their 'snail mail' addies and pop their patterns (and maybe a couple of treats) in the mail for them :o).
Thanks again to everyone that entered, I've had a fabulous time reading all of your comments and visiting your blogs!!! For anyone that would like to buy a "Dragonflight" pattern you can find it and all of my other patterns on my website :o).

Last day for my giveaway!!!

Today's your last chance to enter!!! I'm chuffed to bits with the response I've had, seems you all like the quilt (as does my dear Sophie LOL!!) - I'm so pleased :o)!!!So if you want to be in the draw ... I'll be plucking 3 names out of my bucket at 8pm tonight Brissy time and each one will win a copy of my Dragonflight pattern :o) ... so be quick and leave a comment on this post ... and for extra entries you can leave a comment on any of the last 3 posts too. And if you want yet another entry you can mention it on your blog and link it back to my blog!!! Easy Peasy :o)!!

I'm off to meet Julie at the Beenleigh Quilt Show now ... we haven't met before so I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodies in the mail, and don't forget my Giveaway!!

I just love it when the parcel lady comes!!! I get so excited :o)!!!
I ordered some goodies from Hancocks in Paducah U.S just over a week ago and they arrived today!! Great service :o). Oooops... I forgot to grab the camera before I opened the package so you see before you what happens when a fabric addict gets a parcel in the mail!!!!Look at the goodness inside ......I've got an official Hancocks 40th Anniversary catalogue ...... absolutely CHOCKAS with LOADS of different fabrics to drool over ..... heaven to my eyes :o)!!!
I got a couple of gorgeous mini honeybuns from Moda Bake-shop ....
"Objects of Desire" in the one ... and the other, an absolute favourite of mine ... "Aviary" - mmmmm love it :o)!!!! And you get a free pattern for a super little bag made from the honey bun strips!!
Here's the delicious fabrics I bought ... the pink and the floral are from "Beach House" range (they're to go with the "Beach House" jelly roll I have) and the others are just random ones I liked the look of :o). Here's what I've been up to ... 30 pinwheel blocks!! These are all from the Portabella Market range - 3 sisters. I just love the rich colours.Don't forget to check out my "Dragonflight" pattern giveaway!!! You can still enter, just leave a comment on my blog before Saturday night at 8pm (Brisbane time). You can leave a comment on each blog entry this week, and if you'd like an extra entry post about it on your blog and link it back to my blog :o). Easy Peasy :o)!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Giveaway and Pandamonium!!

I just had to show you this quilt!! Pierina (no blog), one of the ladies from the quilt group I go to, has just made my "Pandamonium" quilt for her little grandson. She's changed a couple of things and this is what she came up with ..... isn't it just gorgeous!!??! I just love the way she has the little panda faces peeking over the top of the quilt :o)!! And how cute is the chinese writing in the pinwheel blocks!!?? Love it!!

Don't forget if you'd like to win one of 3 copies I'm giving away of my brand new Dragonflight pattern you still can .......... Check out my last post for details and leave a comment on my blog between now and next Saturday night, 8pm Brissy time.
AND .... if you'd like an extra entry you can post about my giveaway on your blog and link it back to my blog!!! I'll be checking when I visit your blog, and if you've done that I'll put your name in the 'bucket' again :o)!!
Good luck!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

First finish for June and A GIVEAWAY!!!!!! :o)

Firstly I must show you my DD2's art project. Everyone in the class was given a cup and saucer and they could do whatever they like to it to make their art project. DD2 thought of loads of different things and settled on her 'fairytale castle'. She spent hours drizzling hot wax onto the cup and saucer. I think it looks just fabulous and she had such fun making it!!!
Now here's my first "finish" for June!! It's my new JoyPatch quilt pattern and I've called it "Dragonflight" - what do you think??? DD2 and DH just love it (hmmm, Sophie too by the looks of it!!), and I really love the colours too - Allspice Tapestry by Moda (very similar to the newer Patisserie range). I have a feeling it's the dragonflies that DD2 loves, she just LOVES dragonflies :o). Maybe someday this one will find it's way onto her bed ;o). As you can see I had lots of help from dear Sophie least I thought she was going to help me ... seems she was just waiting til my back was turned.............see her little tail poking out on the left there???? Sneaky little thing thought she was being clever!!! Oh no Sophe, I never would have spotted you under there LOLOL!!!!........ she doesn't look too happy that I found her either LOL.It's a nice big queen size quilt and I used a jelly roll, a pack of charm squares and some extra yardage for the borders, sashings, backings and bindings. Of course, you don't have to have a jelly roll, you can use up some of your scraps on a quilt like this ... even the backing can be made up of different fabrics because it's also QUILT-AS-YOU-GO and REVERSIBLE!!
If you'd like to win a copy of my "Dragonflight" pattern just leave a comment on my blog and I'll enter all the comments I receive between now and next Saturday night ... and I'll pick a winner at 8pm 20th June Brisbane time - so for you Northern hemisphere people, make sure you comment well before that cos we're ahead of you down here in Australia!! That means if you comment on any more of my posts in the next week it will give you extra entries (please only comment once on each post though)!! I'll give away 3 "Dragonflight" patterns, and I'll probably tuck some other surprises in with them ... so I'll be drawing out 3 names using the very technical and modern 'papers in the bucket' method :o)!!
GOOD LUCK :o) !!!!!!!!!