Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!

Early this morning there was a knock at the door and my DH yelled out to me that the mailman's here!! Actually - she's a Mail-Lady - but that's just splitting hairs lol ;o).
This is what she brought to me, a beautiful polka-dot package - (that really should have been a hint for me!!!) .......... Now I wasn't expecting a parcel so I must admit to being VERY curious as to what was inside, this is what I found first, a card from Sandy - aka Awtem Nymf telling me that she was my "Angel" in the "Polka Dots and Rick Rack swap from last year arranged by Sharon at Red Geranium Cottage. The lady that was originally supposed to be my partner never sent anything - so Sandy volunteered to send something so that I wouldn't miss out!!!! Isn't that kind??!!?!
Look how gorgeous it looked as soon as I opened the box ....
I had to be really restrained and remember to take piccies as I went along, but in all honesty I just wanted to rip these gorgeous packages open straight away!!! How pretty they look in their pink tissue and ric rac ties :o) ......
And here's what was in the presents ........ !!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?????????
All this from a lady I've never even met ..... such kindess just blows me away!!!
Cuppycake and spotty plates, napkins and notelets - and some cute little cuppycake rubber stamps ......
Pretty ribbons and ric rac braid .... can you see the ribbon on the bottom has coffee cups on it?? Very appropriate for this little caffeine addict!!!!!
Socks with all sorts of different coffees on them ...... I wonder where she found these, they're fabulous :o)!!!?!!
A most wonderful dotty mug ..... and I've tested it already ... yes, the coffee definitely tastes better than it usually does. Must be the spots ;o)!!!!
And lastly this adorable girl. I was thrilled beyond belief when I opened the parcel with her in it ....... I just LOVE her!!!!! This is Phoebe!!! 'Phoebe' is one of my favourite names in the world ............. something my DH doesn't quite agree with, hence neither of my girls have that name lol, but I digress ............. so I have chosed that name for this most gorgeous Raggedy doll. Isn't she just the CUTEST dolly??????
Sandy even wrote a little note on the back of her head so that I'll always remember :o) ....
I have discovered over the past year that Bloggers are a special kind of people and I'm so happy to be a part of such a community. Thank you so much Sandy, your kindness and generosity touched me greatly, it was such a wonderful surprise and I'm so grateful :o).
Pop on over and visit Sandy on her blog and say 'Hi' from me too :o)!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

32 down, 32 to go :o)

I've reached the half way mark with the blocks in the Wildflower Serenade 2. I've done 32 and I've got the next 32 cut out and ready to stitch. Using the light fabric with this jelly roll is really making the colours POP!! Love it :o). I'm itching to get back to them ... hope I get a chance to stitch tomorrow :o)!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm slowly taking over the rest of the house!!!!

First you need these (don't you just LOVE that little drill ;o)!!!??!) ...... And some of this (it's just a couple of metres of fleecy tracksuit fabric) ..........
A few of these and a couple of bits of wood ...........
And you can make this............... I now have my very own portable design wall that hangs on the wall over the linen cupboard ......
Which is in the hallway just outside my sewing room ... perfect!!!
I'd love to tell you all that this was my brilliant idea, but alas it's not ;o). One of my stitchy friends, Jenny (no blog), came to our quilting group last week with one of these and I thought it was just right for someone like me who's so pushed for space. When I'm not using it I can roll it up and keep it behind the door in my sewing room, I can even leave the blocks in place if I want to - ready for next time :o)!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She loved it :o)!!!

I'm so pleased she did ..... my Mum loves handmade pressies :o)!!
Here she is with me on her birthday ..... and here are the goodies I put in the bag for her ....... These are English favourites of Mum's. Theres a Pork Pie (eaten cold of course), Fruit and Malt loaf (or "sticky bread" as we used to call it when I was a kid!!), Coconut Mushrooms, Clarnico Mints and Murray mints.
I also found a packet of Parma Violets (lollies/sweets) for my brother - he was chuffed to bits :o)!!
Here's the fabrics I'm playing with at the moment. Wildflower Serenade 2. So rich and very country ... I'm enjoying the change. I haven't had an awful lot of time to sew lately but I've managed to do about 8 blocks so far and I'm loving how they're turning out :o).Back to the sewing machine ............. ;o)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A very creative day :o)!

Today I baked!! I can't remember the last time I baked. Heavens isn't that dreadful!!!??!So this is what I made, a coconut slice. Soooo easy and soooo yummy!! I can think of several ways to 'fancy it up' ... I think a layer of lemon butter through the middle would be just delicious ........ or maybe some frozen berries sprinkled over the batter before cooking ..... Mmmmm. Might have to bake again real soon ;o).

I was also pretty pleased with this afternoon's efforts. I decided to make a bag for my gorgeous Mum for her birthday on Sunday ...
I already had the stitchery so all I had to do was make the bag to go with it ;o)........Would you believe this bag only took 4 hours to make?? It's true ... just 4 hours :o)!!
I'm going to a shop called "Britain on the Bayside" tomorrow to get some goodies from England to put in it. They have loads of things that Mum used to really enjoy - like PG Tips tea, and pork pies and fruit and malt loaf .........
They also have some stuff that I like too so I might just have to take a bag for me as well :o).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Please don't feed the Wildlife"!!

I don't mean to ..... honestly!!! It's just that at the moment our mandarin tree is LADEN with yummy fruit and the possums are just loving them!!!This is the sort of thing I'm finding in the mornings, sometimes just a little bit nibbled .......sometimes half eaten ..........and sometimes just the empty skins!!!!!
I think they're really enjoying them!!! I don't mind, there's plenty there to share :o)!!
Onto more 'stitchy' things ... I have another finish for July!!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I finished my box bag today. No name for it yet, thinking I'll just call it the box bag.
3 pockets inside, one with a button closing flap ......loads of room inside - it's 10 1/2" square!!!A pocket on the front with a button closer and also a tab to close the top of the bag too!!I think this bag would be very handy to take to the craft shows - so I tested it out for you .........
There are 6 jelly rolls, 3 charm packs, 3 layer cakes and 2 sweet buns in the bag ... and there's still some room in there!!!! Yep ....... just right for the craft shows :o)!!!
I'm off to write up the pattern :o)................

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ta Daaaaaa :o)!!

Hooray!! Dragonflight (second version) is completed and has been delivered to my local patchwork store Bayside Stitchcraft to hang there throughout July for the Shop Hop!So chuffed with it!!
I think I'll have to change the colour scheme in my bedroom to match it LOL....Here's the back ...Yay ... another finish for July!!! The original Dragonflight is hanging at Country Quilt Co at Ipswich for any Brissy girls that are shop hopping ;o).
Didn't get any stitching done today .... but I did get to the library to pick up a book I had on hold ...I just love this series of novels ... I've enjoyed every one of them :o).
Enjoy your weekend!!!!