Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here’s another lil’ hint ;o)

Do you have one of these????January 10 390 If you haven’t guessed it by now, I just LOVE pre-cuts :o)!!January 10 394I used one of these when I made my February Freebie for you on the Among the Gumtrees blog. Of course, you don’t necessarily need one of these, you can just use your own 1 1/2” strips :o).

Check it out on Monday!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Australia Day!!!

We sure did!!! We went to our friends Valerie and Bob’s for a bbq … mmmmm, roast lamb on the barbie, chicken and snags …. YUMMM. Not to mention the backyard cricket and cane toad races lol. Not real toads, oh no thank you, I really couldn’t imagine having to touch one of those ugly brutes … no, these were the cute pink plastic variety … and Valerie won!!! That’s me on the left coming second last [[sigh]]!!!January 10 336This was one of the prizes for the day … isn’t it a fun stubby cooler, it even had a hat to keep the flies out of the beer LOL!!January 10 349It was very hot but most cooled off in the pool …. what a fun day it was :o)!!

I’m still doing my “eBay renovations”. Bear’s room is done now I’m doing my sewing room. I’ve bought an old Canadian banker’s desk – it’s about 50–60 years old I’m told.January 10 372 I now have lots of lovely drawers to keep my fat quarters in …January 10 375 And a certain someone else has found herself a nice comfy spot too LOL ….January 10 373

Here’s a sneaky peek at what I’ll have for you on the Among the Gumtrees blog on Monday ……………..January 10 369It’s my turn to bring you a freebie pattern, can you guess what it is??? It’s a very handy item … we use ours all the time :o).

Don’t forget you can get your 2nd blocks in Cheryl‘s “Under the Sea” BOM and Vicky’s “Flirting with Flowers” BOM on Monday too!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A FUN day for us :o)!!

Finally I’m all kitted up and ready to ride :o)…..January 10 288Snazzy new jacket and gloves. This isn’t the helmet I chose … they didn’t have my size in the colour I wanted so it’s been ordered and the one I’m wearing is a “loaner”.January 10 289 My DH already had his gear …. doesn’t he look the part ;o)??!!January 10 291 All aboard … need to grow a bit he he he………January 10 292 And we’re ready to go!!!!!!! Do I look excited??!!January 10 293I LOVED riding the bike, it was such fun. I’ve put in my order for a sheepskin cover for my seat though … it definitely needs a bit of extra padding lol - even though I carry a bit extra down there myself he he he. We didn’t go far the first time … just out to the bay and then we stopped for a coffee and watched the boats out on the water. What a lovely afternoon it was :o).

Hope you had a fun weekend too :o)

Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that :o)

This is something my DH brought home from work the other day … he tore it off his desk calendar cos he thought I’d think it was funny ………. January 10 272 LOL ………… he’s absolutely right, I did ;o)!!!!

I got these in the mail a couple of days ago from the Book Depository (oh I love that site!!!!!!) … I’m in the middle of the latest Elm Creek Quilts book “A Quilter’s Holiday” at the moment so I can’t start reading either one yet, but they look like they’ll be good. I love a good quilty novel :o).January 10 273 Also had a bit of fun in the local op’ shops, my friend Valerie was looking for a pretty cup and saucer for a craft project and while she was browsing I found these ……………January 10 274I couldn’t resist them, so I bought the pair for just $8!!!! There was LOTS of lovely china, think I’ll be going back for another look very soon ;o).

I’ve tried my hand at something completely different this week and I really enjoyed having a play with something totally unrelated to stitching. Not that I don’t still love my stitching, he he, I ALWAYS love my stitching ~ but it was nice to have a little change ;o).January 10 276 I couldn’t resist the gorgeous little rosebud beads …..January 10 278and the pretty rosy charms :o).

I have been doing some stitching too, I’ll be able to show you what I’ve been working on very soon …. hope you like it! Here’s a little hint … keep an eye on the Among the Gumtrees blog ;o)!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, looks like it’s going to be another (very) warm one here!! I’m off to the shops to get a new bike helmet and jacket tomorrow so that I can go riding with my DH :o) …. how exciting!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

No more birthdays for now … but I got a bit of stitching done :o)

My SIL took a liking to my rewards card wallet the other night when we all went out for dinner … so I got her to choose some pretty fabric from my stash so that I could make her one … and here it is …………….January 10 251 This is the “new and improved” inside … I’ve done another little flap at the top to stop the cards falling out when it’s in your bag ……..January 10 254 I also made this table topper with some GAWJUS fabric squares I found tucked into a Christmas card from a dear lady at my quilting group ….. thanks Gerry :o) (no blog)!!!!January 10 268 The little 2 1/2” squares were from the beautiful “Garden Party” range by Blackbird (Moda) … so pretty!!!

I got a bit of gardening done over the weekend …. does it count as gardening if they’re hanging plants???? Well, it does to me, it’s as close to any sort of gardening that I’m likely to get he he he. We’ve just had a new fence put up … it’s colourbond and I must admit I really do prefer our old wooden one, even if it was falling down a bit in places. January 10 237 Anyway, it’s very plain and boring, and it needed prettying up, soooooooo ……January 10 242 I went to the local nursery and to Bunnings … do you have Bunnings overseas??? It’s a HUMONGOUS hardware, they sell EVERYTHING there. I love it lol.

Love the Impatiens ….January 10 238I got some pretty begonias and geraniums too…… January 10 243 It’s much prettier when I look out of my sewing room window now :o)!!!!!

What did you all think of Cheryl’s fabulous new freebie on the Among the Gumtrees blog????
Isn’t it pretty!!!?! I can’t wait to make it!!! I’ll be designing your next freebie, I’ll be popping it on the blog next month for you so keep an eye out for it :o).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh It can’t be!!!!!!

Can it??? Can 17 years have passed so quickly??? Look at this little cherub …….January 10 195 This is my youngest … my DD2, my Bear :o). Today was her birthday and she turned 17!!! Here she is on her Dad’s new motorbike …… just GAWJUS (Bear ~ not the bike LOL) :o)!!!Happy Birthday my darling girl … love you to bits!!!

So do you like my DH’s new “toy” he he??? He’s chuffed to bits I can tell you …. what do you think Fiona ;o)?? This one has a seat for me … so I can go on rides with him :o).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So glad I didn’t make any rash New Year resolutions lol!!

...... like not buying any fabric this year!!!

I swear, I only went in to buy a few pieces of felt ………. I got a bit carried away though lol………January 10 154 aren’t they pretty ;o) … Mmmmm, choc dipped strawbs and cherries ~ and what about that delish beady trim???!!January 10 155Or do you prefer the ric rac with it???January 10 157I really don’t think any explanation is necessary …. all of these are simply irresistable … which is why they all came home with me :o)!!!January 10 158

I did get the felt too though … I didn’t forget what I actually went in for LOL …. This is what I made with it ~ I think Sophie Cat must have thought they were real flowers he he he. January 10 144These were made using Simone Gooding’s “Posy Trio” pattern that was in ‘Australian Country Crafts and Decorating’ magazine a while ago. January 10 149Cute little primrose and violets.

I won a giveaway on Wendy’s blog a little while ago and my prize arrived …. look what I got!!!January 10 131Don’t you love those little boy fabrics, and the fabulous trims!!!??! That lovely Rosy diary is going to keep a record of all my stitching hours and projects over the next twelve months :o)! Thank you so much Wendy … I love it all :o)!!!

I've put a few more designs in my Etsy Shop ~ all PDF, please pop on over and have a peek :o), just click on the button on my sidebar.

Hope you week is going well … not long til the weekend :o) ….

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My new Etsy Shop, High Tea and DH’s New Motorbike ~ Perhaps ;o)!

Well I’ve finally caught on and opened myself an Etsy Shop :o). So for all of you that might prefer to buy my PDF patterns with US dollars … this is just for you :o).

I’ve only got a few patterns listed at the moment but will be listing more in the very near future. To have a look at what’s there right now just click on the pic below, JoyPatch Etsy storeor on the button on my side bar.

It was my friend Valerie’s Birthday on Friday and to celebrate we (my “Friday Ladies”) all went out for High Tea.January 10 083 What a lovely treat to be spoiled with all the delicious goodies…..January 10 087

Isn’t the china tea set to die for??? I just love it!!!!January 10 098There were a few leftovers so my friend Kimmy took a “doggy bag” for her daughter …… January 10 103 I was going to have a doggy bag too, but I couldn’t get my stuff to fit in the little tray :o( ……….January 10 101 Even though I tried REALLY hard …………….January 10 102 We had such a fun morning together ….. we always do :o).

We went out yesterday morning just for a drive and to perhaps look at a few motorbikes for Darryl … we weren’t intending to buy one until he saw this …………….January 10 113 I’m afraid it was love at first sight … so now we’re just waiting on the formalities. Who’d have thought it ;o)??

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!!!!