Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lucky me!!

I entered a giveaway at Cath’s Willow Valley Store blog recently and I was one of the lucky winners!!! My patterns have arrived and I couldn’t be happier!! I love Cath’s patterns and these two are just gawjus!! Thank you so much Cath :o).February 10 219

I also found another surprise in my mailbox …. these lovely fat quarters from Julie. Julie fell in love with a bag I had on my blog a few weeks ago and so I sent it to her … and look what she did for me ~ aren’t they pretty!! What a sweety she is, thank you so much Julie :o)!!!February 10 212 I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been playing with some sashiko embroidery. Well here’s another I’ve been working on ….February 10 218This one is my own design, maybe for a table runner?? Not sure yet.

I’ve had busy stitchy fingers this week but I can’t show you what I’ve been making. It’s a surprise for someone special ;o).February 10 215 - Copy Mmmmmmm, I do love those fabrics though ;o).

Have you got your latest issue of Creating Country Threads yet??? I was so excited to get this one, there’s a profile of our very own dear Jenny of Elefantz!!! Not only that but her gawjus DD Blossom has a pattern in there too.February 10 213 And take a look at that cute guitar on the cover … that’s made by none other than Vikki of Sew Useful Designs!! Her first published design and she made the cover!!! Pretty cool :o)!!

I might go and do a bit more Sashiko … have you tried anything new lately??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun and games on the weekend!!

We had such a fun weekend!!! Where DH works they run a ‘social club’ and the day out they organised this time was at Tangalooma resort on Moreton Island, about a 1 hour boat trip from us in Brisbane. We had lunch at the resort and this was the view from our table ……….February 10 183 isn’t that fabulous??!! And we were so lucky – the weather was kind and we had stunning day for it too!!! Of course, my DH wanted to try out some of the fabulous activities offered there so we ended up doing this ….Darryl quaddy I must admit, I was pretty nervous at first but once I got the hang of it it was a blast!!! Joy quaddy We had a tremendous time!!!

I learnt something else new this week, this time more like my normal stitchy tastes ~ Sashiko …….February 10 211 (2) We’re doing a workshop at the quilting group I go to and these will become part of a bag. I’m really looking forward to making it next Monday :o).

I got together with friends Valerie and Lynn (no blogs) today and we made these …February 10 203 12 little rewards card wallets using my tutorial (up on my left sidebar). We make things throughout the year to donate to the Nursing home where Valerie volunteers as they have a little stall at Christmas time to raise money for some special treats for the residents.

Don't forget my pattern "Pretty Pleats" will only remain on special until Sunday so be quick if you'd like one.

What have you been up to this week??

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Didja win???

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for the most encouraging comments I received about my bags!!! You’re all wonderful and I want you to know how very much I appreciate your support :o)!!!!!

I've put the pattern on my sidebar for just $7.50 AUS for the PDF pattern (normally $10.50) and it will remain there at that special price just for my bloggy visitors until next sunday 28th February. All you have to do is click on the "Buy Now" button and I'll email the pattern to you :o).

I won’t make you wait any longer, as I’ve got 130 lovely stitchers waiting to see if they’re the winner ;o)…..


Here they are :o)

Ok, that’s a bit naughty of me … I really should have put the names up first shouldn’t I LOL…. sorry ;o). But I just wanted you to see that everything was above board and totally honest :o).

Here’s the winners – for real this time ;o)…….


Chocolate Cat, Lotta and Fiona could you please contact me via email ( and give me your snail mail addresses so I’ll be able to send your prizes to you!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I did, I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about it :o)!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

There's still time!!!!

You've still got time to be in the draw to win one of my new patterns. I'll be drawing 3 winners tomorrow night for my new "Pretty Pleats" pattern (plus maybe some other little surprises thrown in too ;o)!!).
All you have to do to be in the draw is leave a comment on my previous post ........
That's it ..... just say hi and you're in the draw :o). So easy :o)!!
Hope you're all having a terrific weekend :o)!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Phew, finished!!!!!

Now it's time for a pattern giveaway!!!

Presenting “Pretty Pleats”!!!

Waddyathink??? I’m chuffed to bits with this sweet bag, I just LOVE the fabrics ~ Moda “Blush” in the pink one. Just too, too pretty!! There’s also a lovely aqua in the range … but I don’t have that one.February 10 073 I’ve also made it with handmade handles as opposed to the ‘bought’ ones above. This time in the more neutral Moda “Legacy” Collections for a Cause.February 10 165 Pretty little pleats ……..February 10 157 held together with sparkly pink beads.February 10 071or earthy brown ones. February 10 164You can make your own handles or buy some of these gorgeous braided handles ……February 10 072It’s a generous sized bag – 13” tall, 15” wide with an oval base 8” x 11” – February 10 128 You can fit LOADS of stuff in there :o).

Both bags are on the one pattern and I’m going to give away 3 of these patterns, printed or PDF, whichever format you prefer ~ just leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick 3 winners on Sunday 21st February. I’m sure I’ll find some extra yummy bits and pieces to pop in with your prize too ;o). No extra jobs for extra entries … just one entry per comment. Easy Peasy :o).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look what Alyssa and Fiona made!!!

Ages ago I put a tutorial on my sidebar for this little toiletries bag (it’s still there :o), over on the left hand side!!!) ……. 221) My Pink Toiletries bag … and last week I got an email from Alyssa showing me what she’d made using that tut’ ….go to 025 Isn’t it gorgeous!! And she has very cleverly lined it with “shower curtain”, what a fabulous idea Alyssa and thank you for sending me the piccies!!! Pop on over to her blog and you’ll see the “little sister” version she’s made to go with it too :o).

Fiona from Dragonfly crafts has also been a busy stitcher …… she’s made herself a “Where’s the Remote” from the free pattern you can find here. Looks SUPER Fiona, thanks so much for sending me the photos :o)OPAM '10 - February 007If you’ve made either of these projects, or perhaps any of my other freebies or tutorials, please send me a pic ~ I’d love to see them!!!

My next post I’ll be having a giveaway of my new pattern “Pretty Pleats”!!!! Don’t forget to pop back for that :o)!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a lovely day!!!

Up nice and early and onto the motorbike, lovely and cool for the drive up to Mt Tamborine. Even cooler when we got up there at 8am for brekky!!

We did the markets, we didn’t buy much … hmmmmm, I’m wondering now if my DH might have had an ulterior motive when he suggested we go to the markets on the motorbike ;o)!!???! I found some fabulous plants that I would’ve LOVE to buy but we didn’t cos we couldn’t get them home!! February 10 130 I did, however, buy this little lovely ………….February 10 149 This can hang at our front door to welcome our family and friends!!! Of course if I’m not in a particularly social mood they’ll find this as they get to the door ……..February 10 150LOL, isn’t that fabulous???!!! I couldn’t resist it he he he. Then we went for a stroll on the new Skywalk … great fun and probably a lot easier to do if you’re not wearing jeans in 31 degree heat ~ we were dressed for biking, not hiking LOL.

You get to walk above the treetops, probably not good if you’re afraid of heights, which I used to be (no idea why I’m not anymore???).

My gorgeous DH gave me the most beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day …..

And I made him cupcakes :o)!!!February 10 116 What did you get up to today????

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love squishy mail :o)

I had a lovely surprise this week when I got these treasures in the mail!!! They’re my PIF gifties from Cheryl … aren’t they just fabulous!!??!! I just love the olde worlde look of this little floss pouch with it’s mother of pearl buttons on the front …

AND it’s got flossies in it for me too!!! And I’ll have NO excuse for not labelling my handmade pressies for people cos Cheryl has also included these adorable little labels. Thank you so much dear Cheryl … I love it all :o)

I also got a lovely surprise from Judith … isn’t this a great idea!!??! On the back there’s a little plastic sleeve for my name and address :o). Now I’ll have no trouble finding my luggage when we travel to UK to see Tahlia (DD1) … and it’s SO ‘Aussie’ too, love that :o)!! February 10 105Thanks so much Judith … you’re such a sweety!!!

As I’ve mentioned before I stitch with a couple of dear friends on a Wednesday and we finished this little project this week. It’s a basket cover designed by Leanne Beasley and the pattern was in Country Threads quite a long time ago ……… Yes, it’s been on my “To Do” list that long LOL. Does that give you a clue how long my list is **chuckle**!!??

That’s Valerie’s on the left, it’s going to live in her bathroom with handtowels and guest soaps in it. Lynn’s is in the middle … not sure what she’s using hers for (??). Lastly that’s mine on the left. I’ll be keeping my beads and jewellery making bits and bobs in mine, at the moment it’s all in a plastic bag so this is a GREAT improvement he he he.

Of course, as usual Sophie had to check it out for comfort while I was trying to take piccies for you ……

looks to me like it passed the test LOL.

I finished writing up the pattern to my new project yesterday … YAY!!!! So keep an eye out here cos I can feel a giveaway coming on ;o)!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What are we up to???

My “Nutter” friends and I have been secretly working on a very special project. Wanna sneaky peek???DSC04391 - CopyLove redwork :o)!!!

You can see another snippet here ;o).

Monday, February 8, 2010

It’s like she’s got some sort of radar!!??

How is it that as soon as I lay something quilty out to take a piccy of it Sophie finds me??? I swear she was nowhere in sight when I laid out this cute little traymat to show you. But as soon as I clicked … there she was LOL.February 10 062And of course once she realised that her kitty radar had led her to a comfy spot once again, she settled in!!! Don’t you love that look on her face …. she’s almost DARING me to shift her!!!!! February 10 065Well I did!!!! I couldn’t show you what I’d made with her bum planted firmly in the middle of it he he he.February 10 067I made this with the leftover strips from making this, plus a few bits from my scrap box. It’s just a little tray mat to use when my dear Mum comes to stay with us. She’s waiting for a knee replacement op and was supposed to go in a week ago but got sent home for lack of beds. So now we wait until they call her again. She’s coming here to recuperate after it’s done, and so now I’m prepared lol, so there will be brekky in bed when she gets here :o)!!!

I’ve been playing with some truly delish fabrics!!! Have you seen Moda’s “Blush” range from Basic Grey?? Oh it’s SO pretty. I’ve got just a few pieces at the moment but I just know there will HAVE to be more. Here’s a sneaky peek at what I’ve been up too.February 10 069 Hopefully I’ll get some more time to stitch this afternoon (fingers crossed) so I should have it finished soon. I’ll show you more when it’s done :o).

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend, we’ve had LOADS of rain, and we needed it so badly so the garden is looking much brighter now :o). Look at my gorgeous Hoya ………February 10 017 and my pretty begonias….February 10 019These are all right outside Bear’s bedroom window. Isn’t she lucky!!!

Have a great day ……………