Friday, July 30, 2010

A facelift!!

This one shelf in my pantry was getting messier and messier every time I looked at it – eeek!!! And looking worse still every time I did the shopping and threw yet another box of stuff onto this shelf. July 2010 188 Well yesterday morning I went off to my local supermarket and bought some containersJuly 2010 187 I also had my trusty label maker at the ready too, and voila!!!!!July 2010 189 ….. looking pretty good doncha think ;o)??

Now I reckon I can do a bit of guilt free stitching ;o)!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday’s Treasures

I haven’t been able to do my ‘Tuesday’s Treasures’ posts because of my slooooow innernets … so today I’m back, and here are some things I treasure dearly, because 3 of these belonged to my late Dad, who I still miss so much.July 2010 083The one on the top left was given to him when he joined the army in 1946. The inscription reads “To wish the Server of Clifton-on-Teme parish Church, R. Bradley, Godspeed” and it’s signed by the local Vicar. July 2010 084 The one next to it, top right, was given to him when he was baptised on March 25th 1928. It’s a prayer book and the inscription reads “Robert Charles Bradley in memory of his Baptism on Passion Sunday. With the prayers and the blessing of the Vicar”. July 2010 086The third one on the bottom right is one that I think belonged to Dad’s Father, who died in the early 1930s – the date in it is 1898, it’s stood up fairly well over the years!! July 2010 085 This last (brown) one had me puzzled for a little while, until I realised the name in the front of it - John George Dallow - is that of my Great Uncle Jack (… It was the “John” that threw me lol).This was his Prayer Book, and looking at the date on this page (1899) I’d say it’s pretty old too …July 2010 164 This last one …. well it’s not old, but it’s loved, it’s my Bible. I wonder if it will stand the test of time like Dad’s have??July 2010 160 I guess we’ll have to wait and see :o).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s a cold and dreary day today ……

…. but it’s a lovely day to stay inside and do the things we love to do.

Today I’ve got my sketch book out and I’ll be drawing a very special something for a very special someone.July 2010 136 What do you like to do on cold wet rainy days????

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally my Honeybun Fun PDF is ready :o)!!!

Oh you’ve all been SO patient. I know I promised this would be up and ready much sooner (Sorry Jo!!), but as they say, better late than never :o).

So if you’d like to buy my “Honeybun Fun” pattern you can just click on the link on my sidebar and I’ll email the PDF to you within 24 hours of your payment.Honeybun Fun - Sewing KitIt will only be there until the end of the month – so hurry if you want one :o).

I’ll be back with more soon …. I’m loving having the internet back up to speed … I’d forgotten how much I relied on it lol ;o)!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Slow innernets = More sewing :o)

My DH recently bought an Ipod touch. This is an amazing little gadget that can connect up to the innernets and keep him amused for hours. However. The stuff he’s been playing on has taken up buckets of downloads and so now we’re on ‘go slow’ … dial up speed, and it’s taking ages for the simplest thing to be done on the ‘puter any more he he he. So, for the next 10 days I’m guessing there will be a lot more stitching than ‘putering going on in this house lol.

Here’s what I’ve been up to these past few days – another Sewing Caddy set!!! This one is in “Mill House Inn” by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda – July 2010 081Oh I just LOVE those fabrics :o) …. July 2010 082 And I’ve also been making a store sample of my “Slice ‘n’ Dice” quilt in the GAWJUS “Martinique” range by 3 Sisters for Moda – July 2010 096Isn’t it just divine!!??! I’m quilting the blocks at the moment (it’s quilt-as-you-go) - so I’ll show you more when it’s looking more like a quilt lol.

Have a great weekend …. I’ll be spending most of mine with my Janome he he he.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered my giveaway!!! I’m so chuffed that you all liked my patterns and I was very interested to see what sort of patterns you all like to buy. I found there was an overwhelming majority of you who like to make small and/or useful items. Like me!!!!! :o)

So I won’t keep you guessing any longer ….. the winners (using the random number generator) are …….

Quilting in Mequon



Mary Burn

And just because I feel like it, and just because I can he he, I’m also sending patterns to …

Comment Number 49 - cos that’s my age ;o)

Congratulations to all of the winners, please contact me at with your snail mail addresses and I’ll be sure to pop your prizes in the mail to you.

I’ll be popping these patterns on my sidebar for a very limited time as soon as I’ve prepared them as PDFs, so if you’re interested in buying one I should have them ready very soon ;o).



Be Quick!!!!

You’ve still got a few hours left to enter my giveaway to win both of these patterns ….

All you need to do is leave a comment on my giveaway post.

I’ll draw 3 winners later this evening …..

Good luck everyone :o)!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday’s Treasure

This is my treasure for this week … I just love this little dress. It still has it’s shine but the seams and the fabrics are looking very fragile – and no wonder – this little darling is 74 years old!!!July 2010 011

I can see definite signs of age around the neckline and the ruffle, but the pink looks to be as pink as it was all those years ago …July 2010 012 look at these cute little ruffles!!!!July 2010 013 So who was the little princess who wore this adorable dress???? It was my gawjus Mum!!! July 2010 008 That’s her on the bottom right hand side of the pic … sorry about the flare from the flash :o/. The bride and groom were my Great Uncle Fred and my Great Aunty Phyllis. Did you notice the other little flower girl is holding two baskets of flowers … perhaps the pout on my Mum’s 3 year old face has something to do with that he he he…… July 2010 009 Looks to me like they took that pic just in time LOL.

These are my treasures for this Tuesday, hope you like them too :o).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lots of stitching going on …

First of all a great big thank you to all of the lovely people that left comments on my previous giveaway post!! I’m just chuffed to bits to see so many new blogs!! I haven’t been able to reply to such a lot of comments, but I have visited your blogs and have had such fun doing that!!

I made another Honeybun Fun set in “Aviary” over the weekend. It’s still one of my favourite fabric ranges … so soft and pretty …July 2010 005 Mmmm …. all that lovely PINK :o)!! Don’t forget my giveaway … leave a comment on my previous post to enter and I’ll draw 3 winners to win a copy of this pattern and my new quilt pattern “Square Dance” on Thursday :o)!! Would you believe I found yet another honeybun in my stash ... Aster Manor ... mmmmm, lovely. So I've been sketching a new design, hopefully I can get started on it next week - fingers crossed ;o).

It occurred to me this evening when I was taking the above piccy that I didn’t get around to showing you the third thing in the set of goodies (here and here) that my friends Lynn & Valerie and I made to take on our first retreat next month … here they all are together. The last item made was the bag (at the back) to carry it all in. June 2010 193It’s actually a Coles shopping bag covered with matching fabric!! And these are Valerie’s (right) and Lynn’s (middle) sets too … they’re all so different ~ and we had loads of laughs together while making them :o). June 2010 191I reckon they all turned out great!!!

Well it was a big day for our Bundy-boy today. After spending most of June like this because of having “that” operation ….June 2010 156 He finally got that awful collar off last week so this is what he did today ……July 2010 002Poor thing got an infection down there so has been on antibiotics for the past 3 weeks to get ride of it. I’m sure he was pleased to be all fresh and clean again … he certainly smells better!!! I think he’s smiling!! It’s nice to be back to normal again :o).

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend … and happy 4th of July to all of my blogging friends in USA!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It’s Giveaway Time!!!

Finally I’ve gotten around to bringing you my giveaway!! And because it’s taken me SOOOOO long … you now get to win 2 patterns!!! Yep … you can win a copy of “Honeybun Fun” … which is lots of very useful and gawjus sewing accessories made either by using a honeybun ~ or just by using up some of your scrappy stash by making your own 1 1/2” strips!!Do you like the sewing caddy???? You can fit SO much stuff in it … it’s 7 1/2” tall, 9” wide and 7” deep. You can’t see it in the piccy but it’s got a handy carry handle on top too. June 2010 247There are lots of pockets inside too for all the little bits and pieces you don’t want to lose ;o).June 2010 251It’s got some cute yo yos with self covered buttons on them – embroidered with the words Live, Laugh and Love :o).June 2010 252Then you’ve got these handy little accessories to match – a pincushion and a scissor fob …June 2010 249 A needle wallet to keep all your packets of needles in …June 2010 250 Lots of pockets in this one too :o) ….June 2010 207 and finally a handy zippy pouch to pop your project in when you’re going out …June 2010 304But that’s not all ….you’ll also win this pattern too if I draw your name out ….May 2010 288This is my “Square Dance” quilt-as-you-go, jelly roll friendly quilt. It’s a great size for snuggling under while you’re watching the tv, even big enough for 2 ;o). It measures 54” x 63”.

So. If you’d like to win these patterns all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and just to make it fun, tell me what sort of things you like to buy patterns for?? Do you like useful items, or pretty decorative things?? Do you wonder how to use your pre-cuts?? Would you rather make bed sized quilts or smaller lap size ones?? I’ll look forward to reading what you like and perhaps popping in on your blogs to visit you too :o).

I’ll draw 3 winners a week from now with the random number generator thingy … next Thursday 8th July – and each of the lucky winners will win copies of both of the patterns above :o).

Can’t wait to hear from you ………………