Friday, May 28, 2010

Bin busy stitching!!!!

Yes I know, it’s been over a week since I last posted …. but I’ve been doing loads of stitching, and at last I can show you what I’ve been up to :o)!! Remember all these bits of jelly roll on my sewing table a little while ago??? Well here’s what they became ……May 2010 288

It’s not huge … just 56” x 64” – a single bed topper or a nice roomy lap quilt :o). I finally finished it this morning … as you can see from the first pic below, Sophie was very helpful in holding the quilt down when I was trying to stitching on the binding he he he. The last pic is the back of the quilt … 

Like most of the quilts I make it’s quilt-as-you-go, so the back can look just as pretty as the front :o). I haven’t thought of a name for this quilt yet … what do you think??? I’ll be writing up the pattern over the next few days and once that’s done it’ll be time for a giveaway :o)!!!!

Do you also remember these pretty doilies that I posted about last month??? Well I made this pincushion for Kay to say thank you for sharing them …

It’s nice and big … about 7” (or 18cm) in diameter and easy peasy to make … I might do a pattern for it if you like it :o).

My Nutter sistas and I have been having a bit of fun doing a swap with a gawjus pattern called “Florentine Doily” by fellow Nutter Fiona. We’ve all received our doilys from each other now so I can finally reveal the one I got from VIKKI  …

Isn’t it absolutely beautiful???!!! And so “ME” … I just LOVE pink :o)!!! It’s perfect with my little (pink) birdie on it too :o). I also love how Vikki used the daisy trim with the buttons for the edge – isn’t it just gawjus :o)!??!! Thanks Vikki :o)!!! Be sure to keep an eye out on Jenny’s, Vicki’s, Vikki’s and Dawn’s blogs for more of our Florentine Doilys. The pattern is available from Mother Cupboard if you’d like to make one for yourself :o).

So what’s next on my “to do” list??? Well I’ll show you what I’ll be playing with … you’ll have to wait a little while to see what they become …

Mmmmmm …. lovely Bali Pops :o)!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy busy busy :o)

It’s been a whirlwind since last I chatted to you … feels like I haven’t stopped!!! I’ve been out just about everyday and I’m so behind with my blog-reading … and I do like to see what everyone has been up to. Please forgive my lack of comments on your blogs lately … hopefully I can catch up on some blog-hopping in the next couple of days :o).

So.. what have I been up to??? Well this is the condensed version ;o)…

Remember I went to the Qld Quilters Picnic at Gatton last week ….

the pic in the middle above is of the ‘world’s biggest hexagon quilt”. It’s over 100m long, the part in the photo is about a third of it!!! It was a real treat to see it :o).

Here’s what I bought … such delish fabrics!!!May 2010 137 And there were some precuts on sale that I simply couldn’t resist ……

and this simply gawjus “Antique Roses” Lecien jelly roll…..

Such pretty colours :o)!!

Speaking of pretty colours … I did a dying workshop yesterday. That’s dying fabric of course, not the other sort of dying LOL. Here’s what I did …

And here’s a little pouch I made from another piece. May 2010 235 It was loads of fun and I just might have to do another workshop soon :o).

Last Sunday we decided to walk over the new Gateway Bridge, it opens soon here in Brisbane. There were thousands of people there doing the same thing …

It was a 3.2km (just over 2 miles) walk from one side to the other and back. We were ready for a coffee and some lunch by the time we’d finished the walk so we went to the museum of modern art and grabbed a bite there before seeing the Ron Mueck display …

May 2010 180

Go here if you’d like to see more. Honestly … if you get a chance to see this man’s incredible sculptures DO IT, they are just fabulous!!

I’ve hardly had a chance to do any stitching lately … so maybe it’s time to hop off the ‘puter and do some now ;o)!!!

Hope you’re all having a t’riffic week!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

What have I been up to??

Well I’m still playing with the gawjus “Gypsy Rose” jelly roll and am making good progress ~ although nothing much to show you yet. However … I’ve also been doing some other stitching that I can show you ~ here’s my first finish for May … Fiona – do you recognise this ;o)???May 2010 157 This is my version of Fiona’s lovely design - “Florentine Doily” … it’s a breeze to make and I think the yo yos look so pretty on it. Ooh look, it’s just right on my hutch with my pretty china behind it ;o). Cute birdy hey Jenny ;o)!!??!May 2010 159I made my yo yos with the ‘Clover’ flower shape yo yo maker using some charm squares that were left over from another project. May 2010 161If you’d like to make one of these sweet doilies you can get the pattern or the kit from Fiona at Mother's Cupboard.

I also got together with my (no blog) friends Valerie and Lynn on Wednesday and we all made one of these ….013Would you believe this is made out of 3 tea towels??!! Isn’t it a super shopping bag, and so nice and strong too :o). This t’riffic design is by Judith and was in Handmade magazine a few months ago. It even has a pocket on the front for my mobile phone :o).

So now at least I have a couple of finishes to put on my OPAM list, I wonder if I’ll manage any more this month ;o)?????

Don’t forget Jenny is auctioning her “Beauty is Timeless” cushion this week and all the money raised will be going to -hd_worldsYou still have time to put in your bid to buy the cushion!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Having fun with my Jelly Roll ……

May 2010 108

I’ve got bits and pieces all over my desk and I’m having a wonderful time playing with this “Gypsy Rose” Jelly Roll … I’ve only just begun but hopefully I’ll have some progress piccies for you pretty soon.

There won’t be any stitching done today though, I’m off to Gatton about 2 1/2 hours away for the Queensland Quilters Annual Picnic. Going by bus, so glad I don’t have to drive there :o)!

I hope you all had a t'riffic Mothers Day … I had a wonderful day with my family and a lovely phonecall from DD1 in London :o).

Seeya soon … I’ve got a bus to catch ;o)!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My cat likes to hide ……

April 2010 096 It’s a little bit like a game of “Where’s Wally” sometimes in this house!! My kitty “Sophie” likes to hide – and just lately I thought I’d grab a few piccies of places I’ve found her.

Hiding behind quilts ……April 2010 095In boxes …..April 2010 102May 2010 046 snuggled in the quilt I was working on …..April 2010 170 Under the desk on a very comfy cushion ;o) …April 2010 216 but she’s none too keen on this fellow ….May 2010 041 which is such a shame cos I’m sure he’d love a game with her!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Bundy!!!

May 2010 040

Our brand new family member :o). “Bundy” is a 3 year old Border Collie whose owner was moving to the city for work and couldn’t take him with him. So sadly for him, and luckily for us … Bundy has now come to live in our little corner of the world :o). That's him with my lovely DH.

And this is him in the back of the car with DD2 on the trip home ….May 2010 021 He looks like he’s smiling to me ;o). He was very well behaved!

We’ve had a lovely weekend … don’t seem to have been home much so there’s been little or no stitching happening … but there’s always tomorrow :o).

Have you seen Jenny’s lovely new cushion pattern “Beauty is Timeless”?? IMG_0335 This pattern is only being sold until May 10th, so if you’d like one you better be quick and pop on over to Jenny’s blog cos you can buy one there for just $4US!!! All of this money is going to a very worthy cause ….hd_worlds more details on Jenny’s blog. But hurry …. this pattern is only available for a limited time!!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend ….