Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last week :o)

Well it certainly is nice to be back to normal on my ‘puter!!! We’ve been on “go slow” for the past few days and it’s been driving me CRACKERS!!!!!! I've been driving to McDonalds to use their free WIFI to download my emails each morning lol. I tried to do a post the other day but it was taking forever – so here I am now – better late than never ;o).

I was wanting to tell you all what a fun time I had at the Beenleigh Quilt show last week – I met lots of lovely quilters – and some bloggy friends too (Hi Maddy!!) - new and old ;o). The only one I managed to get a piccy of was Julie (yes I know – terribly slack of me!). Julie’s husband Joe was taking the pics – what a laugh he he he……..
Thanks Joe LOL, at least he managed to get one good one of us he he ... 
My DD2 came to help me a couple of the days I was there too …. can you tell she was a bit cold??? We both bought a pair of these, lovely snuggly hand crocheted slippers – mine are pink of course :o)…
I found a way to keep her happy though …
… the coffee was for me ;o)!! Thanks for the cupcake Margaret, it was DELISH :o)!!!!!!

My DH and I took Sunday for ourselves and did a spot of fishing. It was the first time we’ve managed to get the boat in the water for about 18 months. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy wetting a line, and even though all my catches were throw backs – my dear 'hunter and gatherer' managed to catch a couple of meals for us…
I just love that last pic of Bundy sneaking in to check out the spoils he he he.

The rest of last week turned into a bit of a blur lol … I got a bit of sewing done, and I’ve been getting this new bag pattern written up too, just a little bit left to do now so I'll show you all :o) …

This bag opens with a hinged light-weight alluminium frame – just like the old fashioned Doctor’s bags … 
And I was surprised by how easy peasy it was to put in!!! I’ve also done another version in brighter colours – but I’m not so keen on the shape of the frame in this one, what do you think?? …
Well I’d better be off and finish writing up the pattern. Once I can come up with a name for this I’ll be having a giveaway ………… any ideas?????

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beenleigh Quilt Show

Doesn’t the stand look pretty!!!!!June 2011 116 Me and my JoyPatch designs are sharing a stand with Nikki Tervo’s gawjus buttons, patterns and fabrics at the Beenleigh Quilt show!!!June 2011 117 So come along and say hi if you can!!
I’ll be at the Beenleigh Showgrounds 16th, 17th and 18th :o).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show and Tell – and not just mine!!

Well I finally got around to making something that’s been in my sketchbook for quite a while … and my Bear (DD2) is very pleased that I did - as this is for her :o).

Meet Mr Hoot!! June 2011 081He’s lovely and snuggly with soft chenille under his little wings and on his back …

Even his little toesies are squishy soft too :o)!!June 2011 076 He stands about 16” tall and is quite a chubby 14” wide so he’s just right for cuddling :o).

I’ve also been busy making another project, but this one  I can only share a few sneaky peeks for now.

I can tell you that it’s a bag though.

I just love fabric covered buttons – they always match he he ;o).

I fell in love with the fabric I used, it’s called “Antiquities” by Michael Miller and mines been waiting patiently in my stash for me to pluck up the courage to cut it lol.

June 2011 094

     I also discovered quite by accident that it was more than appropriate to use for a bag for me. Look what it says across the top of the back of the bag…June 2011 093 Is it my wicked mind or does anyone else think that this looks like it says “For the Shite” LOL????!!!!! 

Here’s some more ‘show and tell’ but this time it’s not made by me, it’s made by Karyn. She sent me this pick of her sewing caddy that she made using my ‘Honeybun Fun’ pattern. Isn’t it fabulous!??!!IMGP6508 You can see more pics of her gawjus bag on her blog, including some really pretty stitcheries that she put on the front – which I think look simply beautiful!! Pop on over and see for yourself :o).

Well I’m off to do some pattern writing … hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Things we Love Block #10 – Take 2!!

It seems my block isn’t downloading for some of you - and is even coming out too small for others too (….it should be 5” square)!!
So sorry!!!
Let’s try this again ……………
Things we love 10
Remember to click on the big BLUE button to download it. Not the GREEN Arrow.
Block #9 is available here on Vicki’s blog – and it’s gawjus!!!!!!!! :o)
I do hope I’ve got it right this time ;o)!!!!!

(You might have noticed I've taken the Bucket of Buckets "Buy It Now" button  away from my sidebar ...... if you'd still like one, my patterns are available from these stores - or from my website.)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Things We Love Block # 10

First up I do apologise for being late with this block!! I know there are a lot of you doing this gawjus BOM and I had intended to have this last one up for you sooner – but here it is – better late than never :o)!!
Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to stitch this one up yet, but it is something I’ll be doing soon as one of my favourite pastimes in Winter is to sit by the fire and stitch!! I’ve called this one “Home and Hearth” Things we love 10 Our fireplace isn’t quite like this one though, we have a combustion stove - but it’s still lovely and toasty on the cold Winter evenings. Yes, even in Queensland the nights are chilly at this time of year ;o)!!!
So if you’d like to download this stitchery you can find the link
I’m really looking forward to seeing the gawjus creations you have made from these stitcheries!!
Happy Stitching everyone!!!!!